Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey, lots of special thanks to Marta, Lisa, and Sabrina!

Today, I somehow managed to sleep until four. I have no idea how, I went to bed at two in the morning, but that's not nearly late enough to justify sleeping until four in the afternoon.

I've spent the day looking online and researching all sorts of culinary/pastry degree programs and schools. I grew up baking and creating new recipes with my mom, and if I were going to go into the food business, I would want to open up my own specialty cupcake shop.

But yeah. Uneventful day. I'm somehow sleepy, even though I slept for fourteen hours last night, and I don't have much else to say. Beyond that, I really appreciate this blog and what it's done for my life. It's my little outlet, and my way of recording everything that happens to me every day. I'm glad I started this.


  1. hi bree!
    sorry i didn't comment on the past two blogs. i really do enjoy your posts and reading them is one of the few things i do consistently, but anyway. i hate accidentally sleeping in late. it's like wasting a day, and summer seems so short already. good luck with the cupcake shop thing, and remember you'd need some sort of business class to do that! (: once i can drive i'd totally do a roadtrip out of jersey down to florida and visit that, whenever it opens. i know you can do anything you put your mind to. good luck!
    lots of love,

  2. I love your posts, I check everyday to see what is new, and I hope you don't find that creepy. I started writing my own because of you. Writing does help a lot, and I'm glad I started.
    I got a whole lot of sleep last night, it was a good night. :D
    But anyways, I'm going to stop making this so long, I just wanted to tell you thanks I guess for writing these......I do sound creepy.
    Okay bye.

  3. if you opened a cupcake shop someday, i would seriously go visit wherever the location is just so i could have some cupcakes from you. that kinda sounds creepy, but it's true. xD
    & also, you make me almost cave everyday to give in and finally start writing my own personal blog like this.