Monday, July 12, 2010

Your name appears at such an alarming rate in this town, I can't escape it.

Hey readers! I need to come up with a cute nickname for you guys. Haha. Major kudos for Leigh, Alycia, James, Marta, Marina, Elz, Sabrina, Carolyn, and Kaelin. Thanks for the attempts at getting me motivated, and I'm glad you guys appreciate my food adventures. It makes this all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Well, this is another earlier-than-usual post (6:40 PM) but, you know. I do what I can. Last night, I Skyped with Nik, Deidre, and Kenzie until the wee hours of the morning. Eventually me and Nik were the only ones left, so we were in a video call until five in the morning. We discussed such important things as our dieting habits (we're going to be each other's support system from now on, haha) and we laughed at really, really offensive jokes. Like. Really in-bad-taste type stuff. But it was the middle of the night, we were exhausted and just goofing off with good old friends, you know how it is.

It makes me feel good to be back in the loop with all of them. Last summer we all used to be always connected through texting, Skype, Tokbox, BlogTV shows, and we were just constantly with each other, even though we live so far apart. And then I guess when the school year started again I got wrapped up in my "real" life, and with Posh Spice, and for the most part the only thing that kept me tied to them was the FTFK channel. And that's another reason why I'm so grateful to be a part of the FTFK family, or, as Ally put it, our Ohana. Because no matter how far I stray, they always welcome me back with open arms. I love everyone involved in the FTFK community dearly, and that includes the fans and supporters. They really are a part of the family as well.

So I woke up at two in the afternoon today (aren't you guys proud of me?) and just got important stuff done. So I don't have any interesting anecdotes or embarrassing stories to share, sorry.

But, for dinner my stepmom made this really interesting chicken-rice-vegetables combo thing, with a honey mustard sauce. Just so you guys know, I love honey mustard. It's like, the nectar of the gods. I could drink the stuff. So that excited me.

Oh and we got 17 Again (the movie with Zac Efron) to watch tonight. So I just texted Daniella and asked her to come watch it with us (us being me and my parents) tonight. Hopefully she can. She lives in the city next to mine, like fifteen minutes away, so while it's not as difficult for her to drive out to my house as say, Amy or KTG$ or Tyler (they live like forty-five minutes away), it's still kind of a hassle. You get spoiled when you live in a suburban town like mine. Everything is within a five mile radius of my house.

Today I started the "Burn Fat!" sector of the six-week workout program, and I'm supposed to do these cardio move things followed by the yoga I did last week. I started doing the cardio moves, and I felt ridiculous and they were just a hassle and I wasn't sure I was doing them right so I figured, hey, why waste my time with this stupid form of cardio when I can just jog? So that's what I did instead. Followed by the yoga. Which I have grown to enjoy, even if I still fail at it with my inflexibility.

Daniella just texted me back and she can't make it tonight because she's going with her boyfriend to "buca de bepo", and I have no idea what that is, but that's okay. I texted Amy inviting her, and she also has other plans. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY FRIENDS? And Alison is on vacation and Michelle is at camp.

Amy invited me over to her house to join in on her plans but I would have to have my dad or stepmom drive me, and they never drive me anywhere. And it's like a thirty to forty five minute drive and I don't know how I'd get home tomorrow. But I'll try, I suppose. The night is still young.

So. I'm going to go attempt convincing my lazy parents to enable me to have a social life. See you guys tomorrow.

Weight: 111.2 (me and and Nik are weight loss buddies now though, so...)
Twitter followers: 949
Why today is awesome: I woke up to an empty house. I love that feeling.


  1. Congrats on being productive today, I'm still working on that. I love FTSK <3 I know, used to be a member, Kate and Kaitlyn in real life so that's how I got started watching it. I usually save the videos for "sick" days and watch all the ones I missed. You dinner sounds lovely except for the whole me being a vegetarian thing. I hate when everyone has plans but me and I notice what a loser I am haha. But I sounds like you had a good day none the less.

  2. it's great that you're getting back in touch with nik, deidre, and kenzie again. they're all such funny and nice people. so they obviously seem like amazing friends. i remember last summer nik and deidre would always do weird stuff together on blog tv or something, it was a good time, haha. maybe this summer will involve some of that old stuff too. that would be fun. but either way, it's still great just talking to them and kenzie in general. :]
    i really like how ally related ftfk to the whole ohana thing. it's so cute and seems to be so true for you guys. <3
    and as for your current plans, or were current i should say, i hope everything worked out well. 17 again is a great movie. i've watched it a good 5 or so times. haha, so even if you didn't end up hanging out with any friends tonight, watching that movie either alone or with parents would still be pretty grand too. :]

  3. Online friends are amazing. You can drift away for awhile, and once you get back it's like you never left. Friends you see all the time are different. It's hard to describe, but I'm guessing you know what I mean.
    Hope you had good luck convincing your parents to drive you!

  4. haha i've been out all day, and i legit said to myself when i got home "OH NO. I MUST GET ONLINE AND CHECK BREE'S BLOG." dedication. y'yeah.

    i barely use skype, but i envy those who do. i'm always awkward when i'm in a call, and i barely phone anyone, but when you get into a good wee train of conversation, it's the most incredible thing in the world, and you don't want it to stop. i'm gonna skype someone tonight maybe. or i might sleep. i'm not sure.

  5. call us 'Breeders' as in readers, but Bree. i'm so sorry. hahaha

  6. Congrats on a productive day!
    I love FTFK<3 & everyone on it(:
    im happy for you getting in touch with online pals after awhile. it's a great feeling when old friends re-enter your life. Also I totally agree the burn fat section is ridiculous & confusing & quite boring. I wish I had a dieting buddy lol their great to help you stay on track.