Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The world is yours, so take it.

Hello, it is 7:30 PM and I am sitting on my couch with a plate of cold spaghetti, texting Vanilla Ice (!) and refreshing Tumblr every .02 seconds, as per usual.

And if the previous sentence wasn't an indicator, life is pretty freakin' swell.

I'd say the best thing that happened today was that I got my eager little bear-paws on Lydia's new (and final) album (well, I guess it's technically an EP?), Assailants. I've been listening to it non-stop. And it's pretty much perfect. Lydia is one of my favorite bands, and Assailants is everything about Lydia that I have loved, and a perfect way for them to conclude their run as a band.

For those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you, Lydia is (well, was...) an indie-ish band from Arizona that has been creating beautiful tunes with thoughtful lyrics for the past seven years. I guess they're best known for their talented and gorgeous female keyboardist, Mindy White. And I have been a very dedicated fan since '06.

They recently split though, and I didn't handle that news so well... The good news was that they were releasing one last CD, and going on one final farewell tour before calling it quits. I'll be seeing them live for the last time on the thirty-first, and I'm pretty excited about that. The other good news is that some of Lydia's former members are joining forces with former members from another recently-split favorite indie band of mine, Copeland, and creating a new band, called States. Which I find incredibly thrilling.

Anyway, back on the subject of Assailants; I love it so much I could cry.

My favorite of the seven songs would have to be "Empty Out Your Stomach". The music is hauntingly beautiful, like all the other tracks, but the lyrics strike a strong chord with me. You can find the lyrics here, and if you've read my blog entry on my issues with throwing up, you can probably see why I appreciate this song so much.

I'm not sure that "Empty Out Your Stomach" holds the same meaning for the songwriters as it does for me, but I suppose that's the beautiful thing about music. It's a fluid and universal language. It can mean anything to anyone.

So I strongly suggest you go to iTunes, right now, and purchase it. It's definitely worth paying for, and it's the band's one last hurrah, so...

Or you could just Google image search Mindy White. Also worth it.

Other than that my day has been mellow. Catching up with friends I haven't seen since graduation, baking cookies, making my FTFK video, and the like. Nothing exciting to report, Captain.

I plucked up the courage to text Vanilla Ice first today, I am happy to say. It took me fifteen minutes of struggle to type out "Hello :)", but I did it.

Yesterday he told me he enjoyed my conversation, which made me smile because I certainly enjoy his, and I think he's brilliant. As if his dimples and perfect hair weren't enough... I'm such a teenage girl. I should go read Twilight and paint my nails while listening to Justin Bieber or something.

Also, while catching up with an old friend today, it was mentioned that Posh Spice's band has a show tonight at a sort-of-local Hot Topic. This in itself is no big deal. What was sort of a big deal was my reaction. I didn't get set off on an angry rant or let myself fall into a melancholy funk for the rest of the day. And I didn't have to try. It just didn't... phase me. Which added to my already-fabulous mood.

He is living his life and I am living mine, and they are far, far away from each other. This is a good thing.

Also, I'm so happy about this six-week Degrassi binge. The new episode last night, I felt, was a pretty satisfying follow-up to the premiere. The thing I love the most about Degrassi is that, even though the situations are dramatic (of course the things that happen on the show also happen in real high schools, but not with the overwhelming frequency and regularity that they happen at Degrassi, thankfully), the characters are real. They all have good and bad inside of them. Just like all real people do. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode.

See you tomorrow guys.

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  1. Is it just me or is thee new kid drew on degrassi just adorable?
    I'm totally looking forward to the new degrassi six week thing I just wish I new who some of the kids in the begining squence are. I wanna knowwww<3

  2. i have never heard of either of those bands you talked about. but perhaps now i'll look them up. i can't go buy the album for lydia though since i only have like $.15 on itunes right now. D: but i read the lyrics of that song and i can see how you could relate to them. i like finding songs that can be personally related to myself, it just makes me feel a bigger connection with the band/singer and usually tends to make my happiness level rise. since you recommend this band a lot, i'll go look them up in the morning. right now i'm just going to post this comment and then soon sleep.
    how you describe your crush on vanilla ice is just so cute. xD being all happy and excited like that is just such a great feeling. so i hope things keep going well between you and him! :] it's also grand that you're able to just live your life being all happy and having little kid-like crushes while posh spice is off living his own life. i'm very happy for you. :D
    oh, p.s. i googled mindy white. you're right. that was worth it. i was to look like her. she is so pretty. and the fact that she plays the keyboard makes her seem even better. i'm jealous. xD

  3. I love Lydia. I don't quite remember when I started listening to them, but when I first heard them I listened to them nonstop. Their music is so beautiful. I wish I could go to to the farewell show near my town, but I sadly I can't. I need iTunes money too for the new CD.
    AND OMG, Degrassi is addicting. I have to record it and watch it the day after or online since only one TV in the house has the TeenNick channel on it, but it's worth it. I have missed watching it so much. How are you liking the episodes so far? and what do you think about the new characters? Anywho, I'm glad to read that your life is going great. I hope that it stays like that (: Have a good rest of the day.