Thursday, July 29, 2010


So today's plans did work out.

You see, the day before yesterday, while texting Vanilla Ice about a priest who accidentally drowned a baby during a baptism, literally out of nowhere, he asked me if I'd like to watch (500) Days of Summer with him sometime. Obviously I said yes, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, and we planned it for the next available day, which was today.

I awaited today anxiously, I was almost positive I'd make a complete tool of myself, as I tend to do around intimidatingly cute boys.

I headed over to his house around noon, he lives in a cute little townhouse and it smelt like maple syrup, and his family was nice to me and his little brother reminded me of my little brother. His dog also happens to be the cutest dog in the entire world.

He enjoyed the movie (and laughed at all the right lines and reacted to all the right scenes) and it wasn't awkward. And then afterwards we spent the better part of an hour just talking, about everything, and he showed me his collection of cameras and told me about them and I WASN'T A TOTAL IDIOT. If I was, I was really too happy to notice.

I was glad I went... I really like talking to him, a lot. And I don't open up to people easily. At all.

Would it be terrible if he found this blog? The thought just crossed my mind. It's not like this blog is a secret or is terribly hard to find. I'm just counting on him not looking, I guess? He follows me on Tumblr, but only started following me recently... and the only other way he would find this is through Formspring or YouTube, but I get asked like ten million questions a day on there, I don't think he'd backtrack far enough through my Formspring questions and I don't think he watches my YouTube videos. Or at least I hope not.

Gosh. I'd be so embarrassed. I have literally poured out every detail of my fascination with him on this blog, and if he ever read it he'd probably think I was an obsessed creepy weirdo. Haha.

So hopefully he just doesn't find out about this any time soon.

But it would be even better if he already knew about this blog, but was still taking the time to talk to me/invite me into his home EVEN THOUGH I creepily gush about him on my public blog.

After I left his house, my stepmom got me some lunch, and I took an hour-long happy-nap. I woke up due to the fact that my family is SO FREAKING LOUD. Diesel, our doberman pup, barks at literally everything. And for a five month old puppy, he has the most terrifying, deep, booming bark I have ever heard. My sister runs around the house, banging things and screaming and squealing. My dad shouts (not at anyone or in an angry manner, he just talks too loud sometimes) and the TV volume is always unnecessarily high. It's not exactly an ideal napping environment.

I emerged from my bedroom to find my family in the kitchen, all huddled around a doughy mess of a homemade pizza that needed to go in the oven. It's hard to be mad at your family for waking you up when they do cute things like making pizza together, even if the pizza looks slightly pre-digested.

Then it dawned on me how perfect and wonderful today really was, and how perfect and wonderful life is, and how perfect and wonderful the world can be sometimes, and I did what anyone who has just realized the perfection and wonder of the world does.

I blared "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates from the speakers of my MacBook and danced around my kitchen/living room like an idiot.

Tonight I am going to watch Harry Potter with my family and continue being happy with everything.

I really miss Amy and wish Sunday would come faster.

I really hope that today I came off as lovable and endearing and cute and other good adjectives, rather than awkward and creepy and socially inept.

I really wish I had a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and some Benadryl.

I'll see you guys tomorrow!


  1. You make my dreams come true is one of my favourite songs! And it is such a good dancing song :)

  2. haha, i totally blasted that same song today too! i was singing along with it. then i realized that my mother had came home earlier than expected. i bet she heard me singing, but she didn't say anything about it. xD
    anyway, it sounds like you had such a good time with vanilla ice today! just hanging out, talking, watching an awesome movie. all great stuff. hopefully he saw (if he didn't already see this) what an amazing and awesome person you are, which could lead to more plans to hang out together and do fun stuff. :]
    and i don't think it would be all that bad if he found your blog. like, maybe he didn't read it all and such. or maybe if he did he could have and found it to be cute. that's a positive way to look at it.
    i'm glad you had such a great day, though! :D

  3. Maybe it'd be a good thing if he found your blog? Maybe he likes you, and really likes talking to you too?
    I'd love to hang out with a cute guy and watch 500 Days of Summer.