Monday, July 19, 2010

Hell is a teenage girl.

Hello. As I write this post it is 8:53 in the evening, my MacBook has 28 minutes of battery left on it, and I am legitimately really sleepy.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that I took nighttime sinus medicine earlier, but iit kind of sucks because I wanted to stay up to watch the new Degrassi. I can't watch it at nine like a normal human being, because my house only has one television, apparently unlike every other four person household in 2010, and we lack a TiVo/DVR (also unlike every other household in 2010) so I have to wait until I can watch the replay of it in the middle of the night tonight.

Basically my dad and my little sister get complete run of the television, so during waking hours, I am stuck between ESPN and Disney Channel. Which is fine, considering I don't care for TV much anyway, and what I do care about can usually be (with some work) dug up illegally on the internet. But for things like this, I'm pretty much out of luck.

Today I went to the grocery store with my family, did more deliberating over my future and made cookies.

I kind of want to skip out on community college, and go straight to a film school or culinary school (baking is my other passion, which you guys have probably noticed from this blog) or something that I actually care about rather than wasting my time and money on getting my AA. I don't know. Pre-life crisis.

My dad and his side of the family would probably not allow this to happen though, so.

Which leads me to this question.

Why do our parents expose us to all of those Disney movies about following your dreams and reaching for the stars and et cetera, and then, when we're actually old enough to understand that message and make use of it, start forcing the exact opposite of that message down our throats?

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Why today is awesome: I ate five cookies and don't feel bad about it.


  1. it's no good that you can't watch your show at the normal time it airs. :/ if you don't end up watching it tonight i'm sure they'll play it again or you'll be able to find it online sooner or later, so that should all work out for you.
    bleh. it sounds like you're going though some really difficult decision making options now. D: i still have a few years before i go all this decision making, but i can still tell that it sounds troubling. disney movies are grand and teach so much. i still believe to go with what i've learned from them and follow my dreams. as you said, your dad and some family parts maybe might not approve of your choice, but it is after all your choice and your life to lead, so you should go with your gut and do what you want most and what will make you most happiest. best of luck trying to figure all that stuff out, bree! <3

  2. Bree, there is no "approve" or "disapprove". There is only wanting all of the best opportunities for you. Older people see all the pitfalls, all the drawbacks, all the risk, because they've experienced them, and they want to protect younger people from those things. That's all it is. Don't play in the street, don't eat all that junk food, buckle up when you get in a car. Get an education, get a good job, find a life partner who'll treat you like royalty. But every young person wants Adventure and Romance and Drama and sees endless fields of Opportunity and Reward. That's just the nature of things. And, when you get to be my age, you'll see that I only speak the truth. And you'll smile, remembering that a lot of people care about you.

    You're seriously interested in food prep? Get a job in a kitchen somewhere and see what you think about the reality of it. You'll either love it or run away screaming. You want to get into film school now? It may honestly be too late to enroll for Fall, but look into it. See what you can get. There may be intern or other entry-level programs at the theme parks that you could get into. If you really want it, you'll take the risk that you might just have to go it alone. Which is the *only* reason I suggest waiting until your next birthday, when you become your own responsibility. The Internet can be for more than porn and illegal downloads, you know. There's all kinds of information out there about the things you might want to do.

    And this pretty much goes for any young person in your situation, which is why I'm leaving this as an open comment. *hug*

  3. I missed the first 13 minutes of the degrassi episode because I went on a walk with my dogs and I totally forgot. But the rest was an okay episode, although I didn't understand why most of the things were happening. :/ And I don't have a Tivo, DVR, either. So you're definately not the only one.

    And for the question, I'm not quite sure about it. My parents have been kind of supportive of whatever I want to be as long as I can live off of it. I want to be a high school english and/or visual arts teacher. And I'm glad you know what you want to do, because that will make your dream even stronger if you want to persue it. :) Good luck !

  4. In my house we have two TV's that each have sky+, but I still never manage to be able to watch the shows I want to see, but I don't mind too much. As you said, the internet's like a goldmine :]

    I think if I were you I'd do film school, but that's just because my cooking is worse that Linguini's! [hellyaw Ratatouille!]

    Luckily for me, I don't have to make any decisions about college or 6th form for another year, but when I do I know that I'm going to do something to do with english. Writing's always been my passion, ever since I was young.

    What do you see yourself doing in the future?

  5. i've heard alot of people talking about degrassi lately, i have no idea what it is though haha. i'll wikipedia it later :p

    i think im in the same boat as you here. i want to direct/edit/produce music videos as a career. and although my parents support me, alot of people have told me "oh that's at hard job to get into" and that i should 'choose' something more academic. but i dont see myself doing anything academic. im not the smartest person in the world. but i wouldnt say im dumb either. i couldnt see myself working 9 till 5 in an office sorting papers. i like to physically do stuff.
    late last year i applied for a media course at my local college. and i recently fount out that that i'd got in.
    i think if you enjoy something, and you want to pursue it as a career i think you should go for it. i think if you believe in yourself and work hard, you can do whatever you wanted, whether that be at film school, or culinary school, or at community college. it's your life, do what makes you happy :)
    ok sorry for the long essay lol