Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Driving lessons and brownies

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Commenter shoutouts! I am making this a regular habit, because, if someone takes the time to read about my life and thoughts and feelings and such, I feel obligated to acknowledge them. You people are wonderful. I love you Marina, Tristen, Rebecca, Alycia, Sabrina, James, and Lauryn.

Today was successful.

I am writing this from my aunt's office-y type room upstairs. It's a room about as big as my bedroom at home, and is home to my aunt and uncle's computer desks, where apparently, late night Call of Duty sessions regularly take place. The desks are back to back, my aunt is sitting at her desk, working on her assignment for her web design class, and I am on my uncle's side. To my left there are more bookshelves and a piano, and on the wall next to the door there is a Winnie the Pooh clock. These are definitely my real parents.

My aunt and I started season two of Supernatural. And I am dying to find out what happens next. I officially have a problem.

Today I got to practice some driving. I am definitely getting better. I'm still terrible at parking. But the goal is to get my license the second week of July. So I will get this right.

I watched a Canadian film called "Wilby Wonderful" today. I missed some parts because I fell asleep (not out of boredom, mind you, but because I was just really sleepy) but from what I did see it was adorable and cutesy and almost indie-ish to a degree, so it was right up my alley. It helped that Ellen Page was in it.

So, from the comments I can tell you guys really dig Tastycake. And believe me, so do I. We had a brief Facebook conversation, which was mostly made up of Alison's words on my part. I had her tell me what to say to avoid looking like a tool. And, it enabled me to be much more forward than I would be normally. I asked if he remembered me, he said yeah, some small talk, mentioned that we should hang out, he said "for sure!" but I'm not sure if he meant it or if he was just saying that to be nice, but after that I ended up handing him my number. Now we wait and see if he chooses to text me or not... I'll keep you guys posted, don't worry.

Sigh. Now I think I am going to attempt to finish editing the video I filmed yesterday...

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 6
Weight: LOL
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 918

I love you thissss much.

Howdy y'all. It's now 2:09 AM, I am dead tired but I am staying up to write this because I love you guys. I am committed to this blog! But this one might be short.

Thanks again everyone who left comments. I love you, Marina, Sabrina, Tristen, Lauryn (your comment made me smile the biggest), Rebecca (google TOMS shoes, right now), Aunt Shana, James, Elz, and Carolyn. You guys are the greatest. I started reading the blogs of every commenter that had one, and I'm pretty sure we should all get married.

Okay. So. Day. Going to make this as short as possible because I am mentally dead. So don't expect much along the lines of snazzy elaboration.

My aunt woke me up this morning before she left for a job interview. I promptly fell back asleep, and had a dream that I was eating smores with Dana and Ally from FTFK. She came home, I woke back up, and she made me delicious eggs with cheese for breakfast.

Since I am lazy, I will relate the rest of my day to you in list form.

What Bree and her Aunt Shana accomplished today:

1) We baked two loaves of bread, from scratch. Sans bread maker and all. My loaf was a little wonky and wrinkly on the top compared to hers, but I thought it had personality. Also, it was delicious. I can feel myself gaining weight and I don't know if I'd rather cry or laugh.

2) I filmed and started editing a video for my personal channel.

3) I added Tastycake on Facebook, and initiated conversation.

4) We basically got booted out of my Aunt's web design class. She had brought me with her to sit in during the class and had cleared it with her teacher beforehand, but I guess the receptionist took issue with me being there and told on us. So we left. It was okay though, I didn't like that place anyway, and it didn't like me. It was a Microsoft-operating organization, and I'm pretty sure they (I'm not quite sure who 'they' is, but anyway) could sense I was a Mac user. And the giant ugly black computers with their tangled wires and clunky keyboards made me really uncomfortable.

5) We finished season one of Supernatural. SO. INTENSE. I am officially addicted- to Jared Padelecki's biceps. But no, seriously, it's one of the most emotionally entrancing things I've ever watched.

So I suppose that's all for today, folks. I love you guys. Thanks for listening.

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 5
Weight: Still not home, so therefore, still not sure. I'm sure it's dreadful though.
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 917

P.S. On that above list, can you guess which one I am most excited about? If you guessed number 3, you get a cookie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogging from the Auntie's house, more rambling, commenters, etc.

Hello again blog readers! It is 10:30 PM on a Sunday night and I am two hours away from home, staying with my aunt. It's truly exciting stuff.

Thanks a million to last post's commenters! Hugs for James, Sabrina, Marina, Lauryn (thanks sooo much for the recommendations!), Alycia, and Rebecca. You all are so sweet and your comments made me smile lots and lots.

So. Life recap. Starting with yesterday.

The party started at six, but I had to be at Michelle's house five and a half hours early to help her set up and prepare, so I woke up early. After writing yesterday's post, I got dressed (blue Urban Outfitters dress and a cute pair of sandals) and watched the final scene of Hairspray four times in a row, naturally, and drooled over Zac Efron. He's beautiful.

Daniella came to pick me up, we headed over to Michelle's house (in her adorable summery car) and that was when it dawned on me that I would have to change out of my obscenely cute outfit (which I had planned out three days in advance) and redo my hair/makeup again later, because in 98 degree Florida weather, I was not going to be pretty for very long. Michelle dealt with some pre-party stress, resulting in Daniella having pre-party stress, resulting in lots of stress for everyone. We worked our tails off, decorating and setting up a giant slip-and-slide (which was actually three big yellow tarps covered in soap) and then filling up a hundred water balloons (which really came out to be about ninety, since some of them had holes).

Then we all got pretty (again), guests started arriving and the fun began. There was swimming and food and slip-and-sliding and bonfire sitting and eating and general ridiculousness.

Oh, and I am one of two people that successfully rode the majestic blow up swan.

Daniella's boyfriend, Danny, brought a couple of his buddies to the party, and one of them, let's call him Tastycake, was beyond attractive. Like. There are no words.

And then I proceeded to wow him with my irresistible charm and bold flirtatiousness.

Just kidding. What actually happened: I creeped on him awkwardly the entire night, ending up next to him in a hot tub at one point (A HOT TUB!), but was too shy to actually make conversation. I did manage to sputter out some small talk, I asked him about one of his tattoos and he thought it was pretty cool that I knew who Asking Alexandria was, but I'm pretty sure he thought I was a complete freak of nature.

At the end of the night, when Tastycake & Co. was making their exit, I watched him pick up his shoes, noticed that they were a pair of Toms, and managed to say more than a couple of sentences to him, which led to the mentioning of Facebook, and I'm pretty sure I got clearance to send a friend request his way. But I won't do that until tomorrow. Maybe the day after. We'll see.

I helped Michelle clean up a little bit, spent the night at her house, woke up at 7:30, came home, had a pancake breakfast courtesy of my stepmother, and then my Aunt Shana rang my doorbell.

We did some grocery shopping and got way too much tasty food (expect the weight tally to go up a considerable amount during this trip), like double chocolate brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream and... bananas.

Her house hasn't changed much since I was last here when I was thirteen or fourteen years old... It looks a lot like what I imagine my future home to look like. Shelves and shelves of books and movies, various stacks of magazines and papers and more books throughout, picture frames and knick-knacks that look like they tell a story, a coaster with Severus Snape's picture on it, and a Gryffindor scarf hanging on the hook by the front door.

We watched the first eight episodes of the first season of this show Supernatural, and I am in love. Mainly I'm in love with Jared Padelecki, but the show itself is pretty addictive as well. I kind of want to watch some more of it right now, but I don't want to do so without my aunt. We also watched Donnie Darko. And we ate too much. I'm content.

Now, I am typing this while sitting on her living room couch, watching Mythbusters in HD on her gigantic television... which is incredible. I don't think you understand.

I am seriously considering digging into the mint chocolate chip ice cream in a moment and feeling sorry for myself over Tastycake. I mean. Tastycake is just representative of a whole host of other gorgeous guys that I have been too afraid to approach, as well as all the beautiful ones in the future. See? Not talking to just one random boy at a party is not the tragedy here, the fact that I can't talk to any boy, is.

Thanks once more, readers, you guys are the best. I all of you and your comments dearly. I hope you don't get sick of me!

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 4. And I was seriously tempted to text him today to tell him that he is, in fact, the shittiest person I have ever encountered.
Weight: I don't know. I'm not home. I'm dreading what this number will be when I am home again.
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 916

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few words to last nights commenters + Quick bloggage

A big thank you to Sabrina, Emiley, Anonymous reader, Aunt Shana (teehee, my awesome aunt reads my blog, aren't I the coolest?), Anais, Marina, Anonymous reader #2, and Lauryn. I appreciated and loved all your comments, and squealed ridiculously over each one. And I am in love with all of you.

To those of you who linked to your tumblrs, I checked all of them out and fell in love with each, and therefore I am now following all of you. I am looking forward to all the beautiful things you guys will contribute to my Dashboard!

Anonymous reader, if Hayley G. Hoover ever read my blog I think my life would be complete. She is my blogging muse.

Marina, the cups are seven dollars and they're from a gas station called Race Track. They are pretty fantastic. As for the oreos, they were chocolate, of course.

And in regards to Posh Spice, well. I'm sure you guys will figure it out. Or I'll cryptically reveal it to you over time. All the more reason for you guys to continue reading my blog! Also, I wikipedia'd the Sprouse twins. Discovered they are actually older than me, which blew my mind. But still, SCORE.

And extra lovin' for Alison. For not only being one of my best friends, but for reading my post, even though it was super long and her internet browser wouldn't display it correctly and made it difficult to read. Not to mention she had been with me nearly the entire day, and therefore it wasn't anything she didn't already know about. Also love for Daniella, for sending me a text at 1:03 AM saying: 'I loved your blogpost I'm creepy." I don't know how she found this, through Tumblr I am guessing, but I love her.

Okay. So where were we? Bloggage.

It is 9:55 AM, and I am writing this super early because this is probably the last chance I'll have to blog until tomorrow, and my goal is to blog every day this summer. I have to finish packing and preparing, and then I am going to Daniella + Michelle's (two of my favorite people, ever) joint birthday celebration at Michelle's house. It's a Hawaiian Extravaganza, according to the facebook page for it, and something like 80 people are projected to be there. I'll be spending the night at Michelle's house, and then I come home early the next morning, and my Aunt Shana is coming to get me and I am going to stay with her for a week.

So yeah. I'll make mental notes of everything that happens tonight and will update you all ASAP!

Words cannot express how much I love those of you that read this.

Comment question of the day! Any blogspot blogs that you guys recommend? Let me know! Right now I am only following her, her, and her.

Days gone without contact with Posh Spice: 3

Weight: 110.8
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 904 (I lost two. Sigh.)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I tend to ramble.

Hello readers! Even though there are very few of you, most of which I am assuming come from Tumblr (which means I, by default, am in love with you) since that's the only place I have really promoted this blog, and then of course, there's also Alison (who is pretty much my soul copy/pasted into another human being, who doesn't make fun of me when I say stupid things and who eats grilled cheese and oreos with me on the daily). Anyway. Point is, hi.

I am currently writing this, in my bed, naked, wrapped in a big fluffy towel. I love just staying naked for indefinite periods of time post-showering. Ever do that? According to Facebook, 104,671 other people do that too.

Today was an adventure. I feel wonderful and fulfilled and warm and I'm still pretty pale but I'm not the shade of death anymore.

My dear friend Daniella turned seventeen today, so I woke up at 8:42 AM, which is considered ungodly now that it's summertime, for a day of adventure and ridiculousness.

As I was enjoying my daily fiber bar at the kitchen table, I noticed my stepmom was packing a cooler. I asked her what for, and she told me that she and my sister were going to the beach. Which, at 8:42 in the morning, kind of annoyed me since I wasn't at least offered the chance to go with... I've been asking to go to the beach for a while now! And sure, I had plans and wouldn't have gone anyway, but she didn't know that. Anyway. That was this morning. Now, I don't really understand why I was so offended...
With my dad at work and my stepmom on her way to New Symrna with younger sister in tow, I had the entire house to myself while I was getting ready, which meant I got to get dressed while bouncing around obnoxiously to my occasionally-really-disgustingly-profane dance music. Then there was a sunscreen crisis.

Daniella came to pick me up, with her friend Bryan (who lives in another state but is in town to visit his dad), and off we went to Denny's for a highly calorific and cheap breakfast. We rode in her off-white punch-buggy with the top down; sunglasses on, music up loud, sun blaring. The whole scene felt overwhelmingly like summer. And it is summer. But I think the ride to Denny's this morning pretty much cemented that fact for me.

And then of course, at Denny's, I completely murdered my weeklong healthy-eating-and-exercise binge by ordering the BYO Grand Slam... Two chocolate chip pancakes, grits, scrambled eggs and cheese, and toast... Yeah. I promised myself immediately afterward that I wouldn't let another morsel touch my lips for the rest of the day, a promise I conveniently forgot later on...

Post-Denny's, we picked up my darling Alison from her house, and headed for the springs. Daniella had her heart set on renting a canoe, but when we got there we discovered that three people was the maximum for a canoe. So, as there were four of us, we decided we would go two at a time. Bryan and Daniella went first, which meant me and Alison would be canoeing together, and as we are two of the most incompetent people in the entire world, we decided that we were pretty much doomed. While Bryan and Daniella had their turn, Alison and I explored the swimming part of the springs, laid out in the sun and chatted for a bit, and experienced what was probably the douchiest group of college students ever. Then when it was our turn with the canoe... Well, I don't really want to relive it. There was lots of cursing, desperation, and general failure. At least we made it out okay.

After we left the springs, I went back to Alison's house and stepped on the electrical mat that is meant to keep her dog in the kitchen. Alison felt bad, but I reminded her of the time my bathroom door got jammed and she was stuck inside, and we called it even. Anyway. She had these special cups from this gas station that let you get free icees and soda all summer. Magical, right? So we went and got 32 ounces of frozen chemically processed sugar water (told you I broke my vow!) and headed back to my house for animal shaped easy mac and disgusting Facebook stalking. Then I jotted down details of my day to blog about on the lid of a shoebox while we, as two seventeen year old girls, sat on my couch and watched the Disney Channel. Side note: how old are the Sprouse twins nowadays and am I going to go to jail?

Highlight of the night was when my dad brought us Oreos. A Costco sized box of 180. Alison and I were pretty pleased.

I started packing and doing laundry for Tampa. Oh, and I got my period. Which is stressful since I have a party to attend tomorrow, but a relief at the same time, because I've been seriously PMS-ing all week long and I was starting to wonder if it was just me.

This is probably way too long. If you read the whole thing, leave a comment below and I'll give you a shout-out in my next post. I changed the settings so that you don't need an account to comment.

Days gone without contact with Posh Spice: 2
Weight: 110.2 this morning, but after what I put into my stomach today, I don't even want to think about it.
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 906

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Post!

I don't know why I am doing this.
Part of it has to do with the fact that ever since graduating high school, everything has been changing at such an incredible rate and I'm terrified of being caught up in all of it, and consequently, I'm going to make use of the ability to write it all down, to make sure I don't forget one bit of it.
I can't quite explain why I would publish it on the internet for the entire world to see. Not that anyone would really care. My life is far from interesting. The people in it, however, are endlessly interesting. So here you have it. My blog.

Sadly, this first post isn't destined to be anything special. I have spent the whole day battling a sore throat and have nothing important to say, other than I am typing this via my MacBook Pro while sitting on our living room couch watching Hannah Montana with my little sister (age six).

Hopefully I will provide you guys with more substantial teenage angst tomorrow evening.

Also, in the style of one of my personal heros, Hayley G. Hoover, I just decided I am going to end each posting with some cute little personal tallies.

Days gone without contact with Posh Spice: 1
Weight: 110.8
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 905