Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love you thissss much.

Howdy y'all. It's now 2:09 AM, I am dead tired but I am staying up to write this because I love you guys. I am committed to this blog! But this one might be short.

Thanks again everyone who left comments. I love you, Marina, Sabrina, Tristen, Lauryn (your comment made me smile the biggest), Rebecca (google TOMS shoes, right now), Aunt Shana, James, Elz, and Carolyn. You guys are the greatest. I started reading the blogs of every commenter that had one, and I'm pretty sure we should all get married.

Okay. So. Day. Going to make this as short as possible because I am mentally dead. So don't expect much along the lines of snazzy elaboration.

My aunt woke me up this morning before she left for a job interview. I promptly fell back asleep, and had a dream that I was eating smores with Dana and Ally from FTFK. She came home, I woke back up, and she made me delicious eggs with cheese for breakfast.

Since I am lazy, I will relate the rest of my day to you in list form.

What Bree and her Aunt Shana accomplished today:

1) We baked two loaves of bread, from scratch. Sans bread maker and all. My loaf was a little wonky and wrinkly on the top compared to hers, but I thought it had personality. Also, it was delicious. I can feel myself gaining weight and I don't know if I'd rather cry or laugh.

2) I filmed and started editing a video for my personal channel.

3) I added Tastycake on Facebook, and initiated conversation.

4) We basically got booted out of my Aunt's web design class. She had brought me with her to sit in during the class and had cleared it with her teacher beforehand, but I guess the receptionist took issue with me being there and told on us. So we left. It was okay though, I didn't like that place anyway, and it didn't like me. It was a Microsoft-operating organization, and I'm pretty sure they (I'm not quite sure who 'they' is, but anyway) could sense I was a Mac user. And the giant ugly black computers with their tangled wires and clunky keyboards made me really uncomfortable.

5) We finished season one of Supernatural. SO. INTENSE. I am officially addicted- to Jared Padelecki's biceps. But no, seriously, it's one of the most emotionally entrancing things I've ever watched.

So I suppose that's all for today, folks. I love you guys. Thanks for listening.

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 5
Weight: Still not home, so therefore, still not sure. I'm sure it's dreadful though.
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 917

P.S. On that above list, can you guess which one I am most excited about? If you guessed number 3, you get a cookie.


  1. Anything is better than nothing. It's just as entertaining to read a short, non elaborate post than a fancy one, but fancy ones are nice here and there. :D
    Yay for dreams involving internet friends. Those are the best, imo.
    Yay for scrambled eggs and cheese. That's like my favorite, cholesterol filled, food.
    I love home made bread. It's so much better. How did you eat it? Plain? Buttered? with Jam?
    Can't wait for the video! I love Bree vids! <3
    TASTYCAKE <3 YAY! Good luck!
    I was wondering how the class went after your tweets. At least you got out alive! ;)
    I think I'm going to have to check out Jared Padelecki's biceps for myself!
    Yay for virtual cookies (:

    I hope tomorrow (today?) Is filled with more food that makes you feel guilty, but happy, tastycakes facebook chat, and more adventures with your Aunt Shana!

  2. mac user, ftw! <3
    and just thought I'd let you know that today I watched 17 Again, and honestly Zac Efron, gahhhhhh. LOVELOVELOVE! :D

    I don't have much to say, but I do enjoy reading about your day.
    that rhymed (;

    BOO MAC HATERS! theyre just jealous...
    also, you shouldnt worry about your weight when youre on holiday! worry later. (:
    im glad youre having a lovely time !

  4. So I just have to say, when you followed me on tumblr I screamed..at one in the morning haha. I'm craving bread so hard now, especially the homeade kind! Tastycakes <3 you better blog if anything exciting happens. And obviously you're not that awkward if he wanted to talk to you. I'm wishing you luck. I've never watched Supernatural, maybe I should start? And finally a story. One day there was a girl named Bree she was so skinny and gorgous so she need not worry about her weight. The end.
    P.S I didn't get a cookie "/ but I do know who Posh Spice is!

  5. i am mucho excited for a new bree video coming soon. those are always fun to watch. :D
    haha, maybe tastycake could be in one of your videos? okay, so that probably won't happen for a very long time, but if it ever someday does, that would be pretty cool. but anyway, i'm glad for you starting conversation with him. :D
    also, now your dream has made me want some smores. and preferably eat them with the whole FTFK crew. that won't happen for me, but on the bright side, i got a cookie! :]

  6. i'm psyched that you've followed me! i'm honestly very very happy! thank you! :)
    hahahaha good hustle with tastycake. sounds like things are going somewhere with you guys! i wish i was in your shoes, i'm still ages behind with relationships. i gotta be a little more assertive i reckon. i'm just a bit sleepy here, so i'm going to cut this short, but have a lovely day! :D

  7. Bree,
    haha im glad you like my comments! i always feel good leaving them, then i take a glance at all the other comments and see that mine was indeed the longest, thus making me shield my eyes and long for a rapist van because i feel like a creeper.
    1) I had a panini for lunch. i love bread. i almost want to BE bread. The last bread i made was ciabatta bread (commonly called "shabbatta" bread due to the book "O pioneers") AND IT WAS SO GOOD.
    2)good! i found that i love editing, in fact i have signed up for a video/film class at school and i know almost as much as my teacher...
    4)I feel bad telling you that i have never had a mac :C though i have wanted one since i heard of it when i was in second grade- my dad is a devote pc fan so i get no say.
    5)YES! this is one of my non "scifi" shows, in which "normal" people watch.

    I will be taking my cookie in the form of chocolate calorieless chip please!

    i also hope that you got enough sleep!
    i did not yesterday, i got three hours of sleep, then i worked eight hours- THIS DID NOT BODE WELL.


    those are the best oranges on the planet- pinky promise.