Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogging from the Auntie's house, more rambling, commenters, etc.

Hello again blog readers! It is 10:30 PM on a Sunday night and I am two hours away from home, staying with my aunt. It's truly exciting stuff.

Thanks a million to last post's commenters! Hugs for James, Sabrina, Marina, Lauryn (thanks sooo much for the recommendations!), Alycia, and Rebecca. You all are so sweet and your comments made me smile lots and lots.

So. Life recap. Starting with yesterday.

The party started at six, but I had to be at Michelle's house five and a half hours early to help her set up and prepare, so I woke up early. After writing yesterday's post, I got dressed (blue Urban Outfitters dress and a cute pair of sandals) and watched the final scene of Hairspray four times in a row, naturally, and drooled over Zac Efron. He's beautiful.

Daniella came to pick me up, we headed over to Michelle's house (in her adorable summery car) and that was when it dawned on me that I would have to change out of my obscenely cute outfit (which I had planned out three days in advance) and redo my hair/makeup again later, because in 98 degree Florida weather, I was not going to be pretty for very long. Michelle dealt with some pre-party stress, resulting in Daniella having pre-party stress, resulting in lots of stress for everyone. We worked our tails off, decorating and setting up a giant slip-and-slide (which was actually three big yellow tarps covered in soap) and then filling up a hundred water balloons (which really came out to be about ninety, since some of them had holes).

Then we all got pretty (again), guests started arriving and the fun began. There was swimming and food and slip-and-sliding and bonfire sitting and eating and general ridiculousness.

Oh, and I am one of two people that successfully rode the majestic blow up swan.

Daniella's boyfriend, Danny, brought a couple of his buddies to the party, and one of them, let's call him Tastycake, was beyond attractive. Like. There are no words.

And then I proceeded to wow him with my irresistible charm and bold flirtatiousness.

Just kidding. What actually happened: I creeped on him awkwardly the entire night, ending up next to him in a hot tub at one point (A HOT TUB!), but was too shy to actually make conversation. I did manage to sputter out some small talk, I asked him about one of his tattoos and he thought it was pretty cool that I knew who Asking Alexandria was, but I'm pretty sure he thought I was a complete freak of nature.

At the end of the night, when Tastycake & Co. was making their exit, I watched him pick up his shoes, noticed that they were a pair of Toms, and managed to say more than a couple of sentences to him, which led to the mentioning of Facebook, and I'm pretty sure I got clearance to send a friend request his way. But I won't do that until tomorrow. Maybe the day after. We'll see.

I helped Michelle clean up a little bit, spent the night at her house, woke up at 7:30, came home, had a pancake breakfast courtesy of my stepmother, and then my Aunt Shana rang my doorbell.

We did some grocery shopping and got way too much tasty food (expect the weight tally to go up a considerable amount during this trip), like double chocolate brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream and... bananas.

Her house hasn't changed much since I was last here when I was thirteen or fourteen years old... It looks a lot like what I imagine my future home to look like. Shelves and shelves of books and movies, various stacks of magazines and papers and more books throughout, picture frames and knick-knacks that look like they tell a story, a coaster with Severus Snape's picture on it, and a Gryffindor scarf hanging on the hook by the front door.

We watched the first eight episodes of the first season of this show Supernatural, and I am in love. Mainly I'm in love with Jared Padelecki, but the show itself is pretty addictive as well. I kind of want to watch some more of it right now, but I don't want to do so without my aunt. We also watched Donnie Darko. And we ate too much. I'm content.

Now, I am typing this while sitting on her living room couch, watching Mythbusters in HD on her gigantic television... which is incredible. I don't think you understand.

I am seriously considering digging into the mint chocolate chip ice cream in a moment and feeling sorry for myself over Tastycake. I mean. Tastycake is just representative of a whole host of other gorgeous guys that I have been too afraid to approach, as well as all the beautiful ones in the future. See? Not talking to just one random boy at a party is not the tragedy here, the fact that I can't talk to any boy, is.

Thanks once more, readers, you guys are the best. I all of you and your comments dearly. I hope you don't get sick of me!

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 4. And I was seriously tempted to text him today to tell him that he is, in fact, the shittiest person I have ever encountered.
Weight: I don't know. I'm not home. I'm dreading what this number will be when I am home again.
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 916


  1. Florida humidity = lame. I hate humidity. With a passion.
    The party sounds fun. I've never been to a big party before. Any pics?
    Boy who wears Toms shoes = good sign! (:
    Oh I love visiting people and buying junk food, and just forgetting everything for just a little bit.
    Okay, I think I've figured out Posh Spice. Think, but not sure. I guess only time will tell.
    Not sick of you yet! (:

  2. the party you went to sounded like the most fun thing ever, especially to someone like me who never goes to intense parties.
    so, tastycake seems like a cool guy. maybe some relationship with him will happen? or if not him, maybe someone else will come shining into your life. so don't be too sad that you can't approach guys like him now, in the end, it'll all work out and you'll find the right one. even if you make an awkward first impression. :]
    & one last time. okay, actually two.
    1. the slip-and-slide = beyond awesome.
    2. the foods mentioned = makes me a jealous kid for not being able to have some too. xD
    oh, i lied. now one last thing; i have not at all gotten sick of you. i actually look forward to reading your blog. :D

  3. so, your life sounds so much more fun and interesting then mine. And yes, TOMS! (: lovelovelove.
    and your aunts house sounds like heaven, but much better. I would love to have a house like that! you don't even understand.

  4. Bree,
    That sounds like loads and loads of fun! I'll end up putting these party ideas and such into a notebook and use them when i need something creative! (That's how good my ideas are- or really how good my friends think my ideas are.)I'm not very good with guys myself, but i do have a few things on a list that i look for.
    such as:
    spelling well (by well i mean near perfect)
    laughs at my not funny jokes (none of them are funny)
    must not make fun of my music tastes (except for the ones im dying for said guy to make fun of)
    and not last but for now: needs to pretend to agree with every idea i have.

    obviously i have a very picky list. shoes are oddly not on the list, even though "you have more shoes than any one i know!" (-my dad, i do agree with his toms!
    i adoreeee your aunt! my own aunt is pretty amazing! though i haven't seen her or my awesome uncle in a year, they have recently moved to Minnesota from Missouri, they normally take a trip to California twice a year. though they didn't get to come in June, like they normally do. i'm hoping this Christmas they come! in fact they offered to let me live with them if i end up going to the college close to them. of course it will be a year before i graduate but that is an amazing offer!
    this evening, before i read your blog post i killed a HUGE MOTHER OF A SPIDER EVER. It was a black widow. and i cried when i saw it. (
    i hope you have LOADS MORE FUN!

  5. the other day my friend said "i really cant see why anyone would EVER find Zac Efron attractive and i was just like "?????
    im thinking maybe starting to watch supernatural, this girl in my form class recommended it too, shes OBSESSED, ad has their pictures on her books... um....
    sounds like youre going to have a pretty sa weet time at your aunts! im sure tastycakes <3s you back. maybe hes writing about you in his own blog somewhere on the interwebs...
    whatre tom shoes, btw?

  6. Oh, sweetie!! You told people my house was charming and eccentric rather than an organizational disaster!! Once again you prove why you are my *very favorite niece*!!

    ...I hope you didn't eat all of the ice cream... I may need some later, myself. *g*

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  8. gosh bree, i don't think i would ever get sick of you! it sounds like you've made a memorable impression on tastycake; i wouldn't worry about it! :D i'm a total fool when it comes to relationships.

    my granny's house sounds a little bit like your aunt's (incredible) house. she has an attic of things that she's collected over the years, and it's always a banterous occasion to be up there. when she was young, she had this scrapbook that she asked people to draw pictures in, and sign, and write lovely things in. we found that at like christmas and it's the most charming thing ever. i'm thinking about doing that these days.

    have a lovely day! your next blog'll be lovely i reckon! can't wait. :)

    (and i've made a wee blog now thanks to you! :D)

  9. sounds like a good party :)
    and i'm also in love with jared padelecki ;) haha hi5

  10. that party sounded amazing (and when I say party, I mostly mean tastycake).
    but seriously, if he doesn't have a girlfriend, GO FOR IT. send him that friend request, talk to him whatever chance you get. you only live life once, right?
    and as for your night at auntie's, oh my lord, her house sounds absolutely wonderful.
    that comfort food+donnie darko= perfection.
    i'm definitely not sick of you (i just found this blog today..), and im pretty sure i've figured out posh spice.
    can't wait to