Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few words to last nights commenters + Quick bloggage

A big thank you to Sabrina, Emiley, Anonymous reader, Aunt Shana (teehee, my awesome aunt reads my blog, aren't I the coolest?), Anais, Marina, Anonymous reader #2, and Lauryn. I appreciated and loved all your comments, and squealed ridiculously over each one. And I am in love with all of you.

To those of you who linked to your tumblrs, I checked all of them out and fell in love with each, and therefore I am now following all of you. I am looking forward to all the beautiful things you guys will contribute to my Dashboard!

Anonymous reader, if Hayley G. Hoover ever read my blog I think my life would be complete. She is my blogging muse.

Marina, the cups are seven dollars and they're from a gas station called Race Track. They are pretty fantastic. As for the oreos, they were chocolate, of course.

And in regards to Posh Spice, well. I'm sure you guys will figure it out. Or I'll cryptically reveal it to you over time. All the more reason for you guys to continue reading my blog! Also, I wikipedia'd the Sprouse twins. Discovered they are actually older than me, which blew my mind. But still, SCORE.

And extra lovin' for Alison. For not only being one of my best friends, but for reading my post, even though it was super long and her internet browser wouldn't display it correctly and made it difficult to read. Not to mention she had been with me nearly the entire day, and therefore it wasn't anything she didn't already know about. Also love for Daniella, for sending me a text at 1:03 AM saying: 'I loved your blogpost I'm creepy." I don't know how she found this, through Tumblr I am guessing, but I love her.

Okay. So where were we? Bloggage.

It is 9:55 AM, and I am writing this super early because this is probably the last chance I'll have to blog until tomorrow, and my goal is to blog every day this summer. I have to finish packing and preparing, and then I am going to Daniella + Michelle's (two of my favorite people, ever) joint birthday celebration at Michelle's house. It's a Hawaiian Extravaganza, according to the facebook page for it, and something like 80 people are projected to be there. I'll be spending the night at Michelle's house, and then I come home early the next morning, and my Aunt Shana is coming to get me and I am going to stay with her for a week.

So yeah. I'll make mental notes of everything that happens tonight and will update you all ASAP!

Words cannot express how much I love those of you that read this.

Comment question of the day! Any blogspot blogs that you guys recommend? Let me know! Right now I am only following her, her, and her.

Days gone without contact with Posh Spice: 3

Weight: 110.8
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 904 (I lost two. Sigh.)


  1. i use tumblr to write vlogs, but i might make a blogspot now! i'm psyched that you're writing a blog everyday now; that's sound. :) a hawaiian extravaganza sounds incredible! good gosh.

  2. i love you too, bree!
    i feel like such a creep replying & reading your blog when you don't even know me, but oh well. xD <3
    so basically, your friends seem like such awesome people. i hope you have tons of fun at the "Hawaiian Extravaganza" with them. :D

  3. Yay for chocolate oreos. My friends are in love with the golden ones, I don't get it.
    Have fun at the party. It sounds fun!
    Staying at the awesome aunt who reads your blog? HAVE FUN!
    I recommend Kristina as a blogspot blog (
    I really like reading her adventures.

  4. Bree,
    It's safe to say that I got rather excited when I saw the email that you were following me this morning. As I was crossing the parking lot to work I sounded something like "WHHHHHHAAAAAATTT?!" which in itself earned me several odd looks from the guys who work outside. You basically have just made my day (unless I don't get off at four, that part would ruin it EDIT: I did get off at four!).
    I hope you have loads and loads of fun tonight. I will be having a very nice bubblebath! Haha at least I hope!
    As for your question, I actually don't read blogspot that much, though I religiously find myself following Hayleyg.,, , , and my good friend audrey's though she doesn't post often maybe you'd like her? Http://
    this is an odd question though it highly applies to me!
    You go to publix correct? Alright, well the next you go could you look at the stone fruit (peaches, plums, and nectarines)and tell me//say what the sticker is? the place where i work (stone fruit packing house) ships basically worldwide, we sent oranges to Russia this year! and i want to make the world a little bit smaller, and i think it would be cool knowing c:
    Some nifty farewell,

  5. Well I discovered that my comment on your long post must not of sent :0 I was highly upset. I was like "I wanted Bree to see my tumblr too!" I read the whole thing of course, I have your blog bookmarked on my iTouch (ignore the creeper factor of that.) Anywho, hope you have an amazing day and sorry my comment didn't post "/

  6. hi bree,
    i just wanted to say, i think you seem like an amazing and individual girl :) it seems like your life is pretty exciting! be sure to inform your loyal blog readers of all the haps :D

  7. I love that you said Hayley is your blogging muse, because even though I don't blog nearly as much as I'd like, she is definitely my favorite "person I've never met". Ha. Believe it or not you, Ally, Megan, Sasha and Katie introduced me to the 5AG in the first place. I know, crazy that I watched the 5YG before the 5AG, but it's true.

    Glad to see you're doing better at blogging than I ever am! And happy to see you back around, I felt like you kinda went AWOL after 5YG, but it's awesome to have rediscovered your new YouTube channel and this blog. :)