Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Driving lessons and brownies

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Commenter shoutouts! I am making this a regular habit, because, if someone takes the time to read about my life and thoughts and feelings and such, I feel obligated to acknowledge them. You people are wonderful. I love you Marina, Tristen, Rebecca, Alycia, Sabrina, James, and Lauryn.

Today was successful.

I am writing this from my aunt's office-y type room upstairs. It's a room about as big as my bedroom at home, and is home to my aunt and uncle's computer desks, where apparently, late night Call of Duty sessions regularly take place. The desks are back to back, my aunt is sitting at her desk, working on her assignment for her web design class, and I am on my uncle's side. To my left there are more bookshelves and a piano, and on the wall next to the door there is a Winnie the Pooh clock. These are definitely my real parents.

My aunt and I started season two of Supernatural. And I am dying to find out what happens next. I officially have a problem.

Today I got to practice some driving. I am definitely getting better. I'm still terrible at parking. But the goal is to get my license the second week of July. So I will get this right.

I watched a Canadian film called "Wilby Wonderful" today. I missed some parts because I fell asleep (not out of boredom, mind you, but because I was just really sleepy) but from what I did see it was adorable and cutesy and almost indie-ish to a degree, so it was right up my alley. It helped that Ellen Page was in it.

So, from the comments I can tell you guys really dig Tastycake. And believe me, so do I. We had a brief Facebook conversation, which was mostly made up of Alison's words on my part. I had her tell me what to say to avoid looking like a tool. And, it enabled me to be much more forward than I would be normally. I asked if he remembered me, he said yeah, some small talk, mentioned that we should hang out, he said "for sure!" but I'm not sure if he meant it or if he was just saying that to be nice, but after that I ended up handing him my number. Now we wait and see if he chooses to text me or not... I'll keep you guys posted, don't worry.

Sigh. Now I think I am going to attempt to finish editing the video I filmed yesterday...

Days gone without contacting Posh Spice: 6
Weight: LOL
Pre-life crisis related tantrums had this summer: 2
Twitter followers: 918


  1. love you too, bree!
    so, by the sounds of it, i love your aunt and uncle and their house. it just sounds like such a great place to live in. so if they're your real parents, i want to be your long lost sister that was separated at birth.
    you should know that you made me want to watch wilby wonderful now. ellen page is one of my favorite actresses. also, how you described it made it sound even better, so i shall definitely watch it whenever i so happen to get the chance to.
    & tastycake. i hope he texts you at some point or something. i once had small talk with this guy and talked about how we should hang out. i didn't think it would happen when he agreed with me and such. but then it actually did and now we've been together for a while now. so hopefully something good like that will happen for you too! just keep us posted when some new things start happening between you two.
    p.s. i feel like i have a guess who posh spice would be, but none of your blogs so far have 100% assured me much of my guess yet. xD

  2. I love your blog already, even though you're just a few days in!
    Your aunts house sounds amazing.
    Winnie the Pooh clock ftw. I had one for most of my life in my room.
    I love driving. It makes my day. Good luck on your test, can't wait to hear (well read) about it!
    Good luck with Tastycake! Hopefully he feels it's going good too! ;)

  3. Dearest Bree,
    you are very good at describing things, i think you should be a writer. just be reading your description of your aunts office room makes me want to know more. i hope you do well on you drivers test and you get your license. :) hopefully Tastycake texts you! i can't wait until i see your new videos!

  4. Your blog almost makes me wish I still had mine, maybe I'll start a new one? Anyways more Tastycake updates sound lovely. I think your Aunt and Uncle may be my lost parents as well haha :0 their house sounds amazing. We're in the same boat with driving, I severly need to practise. I love Ellen Page, I'll have to check out the movie because it sounds like something I'd like. I really look forward to your posts now, so keep them coming.
    Lots of love.

  5. I love your blog, they way you describe everything is awesome.
    I am sort of in the same kind of situation as you Re: TastyCakes. except mine has a girlfriend & it legit sucks.
    Hope all goes well, cant wait to see more from you.
    just watched your video and i agree with the commenter that said you looked like zooey deschanel. <3

  6. is it odd we are all obsessed with you and tastycake? probably. but thats why you <3 us!

  7. thank you for the shoutout, bree. i think you're lovely for doing that. :)

    your aunt has such a badass house. gosh. your video was great, i really dig her house. can you play the piano? :)

    you're learning to drive? i'm quite jealous. you have to be 17 to drive, and when i turned 17 i didn't send away for my license, and it takes freaking ages. so i've only just applied, and i'll probably be learning to drive at the end of summer. good effort.

    i've never really watched supernatural, but with all this hype that you're giving it, i might have to give it a chance.. haha. next time it's on tv, i'll have a wee look for sure.

    wilby wonderful is a great film! have a really lovely day. :) <3

  8. Bree,
    I think you are correct in saying that they are your real parents! haha i wish they were mine!
    ohnonono! there is NEVER a problem with loving/liking/obsessing about supernatural! ITS SO GOOD.
    i got my permit in April, and while i am alright at driving, i am HORRIBLE. at parking. i've almost hit two parked cars. but i am getting better! though im very bad at backing out. i hit the house while backing out of the garage... my dad was NOT HAPPY. though later that day the guys had come to fix the garage door, so hardly any one even knew!

    ooh! i loooove ellen page! she's one of my favourite actors, and im rather picky about actors who i like.
    The name "tastycake" makes me hungry for cake!
    omnomnom, sadly we have none in the houseeee.

    i hope you had a GO-ORGEOUS day!

  9. Aww, i love Wilby Wonderful :)

    I actually live in the city where Ellen Page grew up, and she took my Grandmother's friends son to the Whip It Premiere and I go to school with the girl who plays Ellen's sister in The Pit Pony.

    Why are you at your aunts house ??

    I'm scared to drive, I've been 16 for 2 years and haven't even looked at my drivers handbook.. I know I'll kill everyone's cats.


  10. I am officially obsessed with this blog. and you. and yes i sound like a total creeper but could definetly care less. and i am so interested in tastycake. also, im guessing posh spice is....joshy? :/

  11. Ahaa. These posts bring awkward joy into my life. xD That sounds kinda creepy, but that's okay.