Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Could you kick those heels off, baby, and still walk tall?

Hello, readers!

I'm in a significantly less angsty whiny teenagerish mood today than I was yesterday.

This positive shift can probably be attributed to any of these three factors.

1) I watched the two hour Degrassi premier last night. I watched the second showing, and my jaw was on the floor the entire time. (This paragraph is going to contain spoilers, so for those of you who haven't seen it yet and plan on doing so, go ahead and scroll down to number two on this list.) Poor Spinner! He was just having a terrible day. And at first, when the whole Jane-gets-picked-up-by-an-indie-band-while-off-in-New-York subplot made me really, really angry. Why was Jane getting rewarded for being a cheating whore?! DOES NOT COMPUTE. But I was really happy when it came back around in the end and she got blown off. Serves her right, really. I'm not a fan of Jane, obviously. As for Spinner and Emma... I don't think it'll work long-term, just because Emma never makes good life decisions, but I could be wrong, because hey, DEGRASSI GOES THERE. As for the Holly J/Declan/Fiona mess... First off I have really grown to love Holly J. She's possibly one of my favorite characters from the entire series. It's so great how she grew up through the past few seasons. She went from a sort of static mean-girl character, to this amazing young woman who is really driven and motivated, and channels her inner bitch to get things DONE. So I was rooting for her from the beginning. Fiona started to really tick me off, and I liked her before. AND THEN SHE KISSED HER TWIN BROTHER. WHAT. EVEN. Just like, I can't... what the hell? Prior to the kiss, my faith in Declan had been faltering, but afterwards, he really redeemed himself. So Declan and Holly J are officially my favorite Degrassi couple, replacing Darcy and Peter (who had originally replaced Sean and Emma). So overall, I was really happy with the premiere and where this season seems to be going. Even though Degrassi will never be as amazing as it was before Emma and Manny and the rest of the crew graduated, it still satiates my need for Canadian teen drama.

2) Vanilla Ice sent me a "good morning" text. And we've been texting all day. And he said he'd like to go with Amy and I to see Inception. I hope he doesn't know about this blog, because I totally just gave his identity away, but I just couldn't withhold that information from you guys. I've had like this stupid smile on my face all day because of it. I don't even understand why I have this perpetual little-girl crush on him, I really don't. I haven't even physically seen in him in person in over a month. It makes absolutely no sense. He's just this like, one unattainable person that I'll always have a soft spot for. I think everybody has one of those. And I know that nothing will probably ever come of it, but, I'm still allowed to have my butterflies.

3) I don't even remember what the third item on this list was going to be! I got so distracted writing that last paragraph and letting my mind wander into the land of "what-if"s and sighing repeatedly while keeping my phone in my lap so I'll feel it vibrate the second he texts me back. I have a problem, guys.

In other news... I don't know how many of you are Tumblr users or are just generally aware of the whole Jessi Slaughter/Kerligirl13 scandal, but I was watching, I guess, on the fifteenth, when the bulk of the raiding occurred. I just watched everything unfold and followed everything closely. I didn't leave her any nasty comments or order a pizza to her house, but I watched all of her videos, read the comments, etc. as it was all happening. And honestly? The trolls that took part in it get a lot of crap for harassing an eleven year old girl, and pretty much turning her world upside down, and I guess that makes sense. She is only eleven. However, I found out this morning that Jessi had been removed from the custody of her parents, and has been banned from using the internet (for only three days, which is an incomprehensibly short amount of time for something this big... it doesn't make sense to me), and I have to say... I think the trolls actually accomplished something good here.

This little girl was posting semi-nude/nude pictures, posting YouTube videos of herself in her bra, telling strangers she was going to "pop a glock in their mouth and make a brain slushie", using language that I didn't even know existed at that age (as well demonstrating knowledge of anatomy that I didn't know about until last year), and listening to God-awful MySpace music, and the list of atrocities goes on. And her parents, apparently, didn't know a thing about any of it. They didn't even know she used her camera to make videos. They didn't know she communicated with anyone online outside of her friends from school.

As a teenager, I know that no kid wants their parents checking their browsing history or looking over their shoulder as they use the internet. And, I know for a fact that when parents try to overly restrict their children in this way, it just makes them that much more motivated to find ways around those restrictions. I firmly believe that, especially after thirteen or fourteen, kids should be allowed some privacy. And it all really depends on the maturity level of the individual child (and in Jessi's case, was her immaturity ever really in question?). Parents should really have at least some sort of an idea of what their kids are up to on the internet. Especially when that kid is eleven. Especially when you've allowed her to have a computer with internet access as well as a webcam in her bedroom. Jessi's parents did everything kind of wrong.

But I think, in an indirect way, Anon has done something good here. I sincerely hope that the whole ordeal was a slap in the face for Jessi and her family. I think it's good that DCF got involved, and I think it's a good thing that law enforcement became aware. I hope it was the wake-up call Jessi's family needed to start paying attention to their daughter, because obviously she was getting the attention from all the wrong places.

And, I think it's a relief that Tumblr and 4Chan were the ones that got to her, rather than say, a crazy pedophile? Or someone that intended on causing her actual physical harm? It all could have gone so much worse had it been allowed to continue.

So in a way, Anon played the role of the white knight here.

And that's all I have to say about that!

See you guys tomorrow!

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Why today is awesome: Another new Degrassi tonight! Woo!


  1. Hey,
    I must say that I hate likeing a guy you dont really know and anxiously waiting for him to text you back. I dont have a tumbler but I did read about what happened to that girl. My parents can be very strict sometimes and I really hate it; but then I hear about stuff like these and I am kinda glad that my parents that way... Well now I am blabing. I hope your life is going well and that it works out with Vanilla ice if it's for the better.

  2. i feel bad that i don't watch degrassi to comment on any of that first fact. but as for vanilla ice, i think it's really cute having a little kid crush like that. maybe you feel that way cause you have a lot of love in you and it shows up in a variety of ways, even these crushes that may or may not create anything else to develop. but who knows. maybe something will happen. but either way, i hope you, vanilla ice, and amy enjoy seeing that movie together! :]
    & jessi slaughter. my goodness. that girl. i came home from hanging out with my friends and such and my tumblr dashboard was just full of her and i was so confused as to what was going on. but i too watched all her videos to get an understanding of the situation. i didn't leave any rude comments to her, but i do admit to reblogging some funny stuff with the quotes on tumblr, though. but anyway, i really hope that girl understands the whole situation she was in and learns from it. 11 year old kids should not be making videos of themselves and posting them on youtube. and the parents not even knowing? wow. i feel like they need to get some sort of punishment to them too. they need to pay more attention to their daughter. i really don't even understand how they just didn't even know and from what i heard, the mother still hasn't watched any of jessi's videos. so i somewhat agree that the trolling was good. it caused jessi to hopefully realize what she's done from having now been taken away from her parents, and it got her off the internet, which i believe should be a longer suspension than just 3 days. but some of the trolling was too mean, like the death threats. i guess those should help jessi see how serious the internet can be, but i still just find those a little too over the top. but overall i'm glad with how this situation ended for the better. even if we all dun goofed and that now the consequences will never be the same.

  3. Degrassi was amazing. I keep saying that I'll never watch it again because it's no where near as good as the older seasons but I really liked the premiere as well and Holly J. and Declan have really grown on me. When they mentioned Drake I was like da fuck? If they pretend that Jimmy and Drake are different people and none of the characters remember him I'm going to be so mad. But it was all good.
    Awe, I'm so happy about the Vanilla Ice thing and let us know how Inception was.
    And oh god. Jesse Slaughter. You dun goofed. The concequences will never be the same. Best day of my tumblr life. I agree with everything you said. First of all, the "$c3n3" culture sickens me (thank god that I grew out of it) and second of all nude photos at eleven? If she was allowed to continue god knows what would have happened. My brother is twelve and my sister is ten, if they even thought about talking like that of acting like that I'd ground them so quickly. It disgusts me. I personally think that should be considered some type of child abuse, legit. I would never let the kids have their own computer, and honestly, were they really that oblivious? What even? That family needs help asap. I could rant on about the Jessi Slaughter thing for hours but I'll leave it at this, pathetic.
    Excited for the new Degrassi, bye.

  4. Hey Bree, I missed your blog! I love your blogging style, as well as your talking style, maybe just you and your style as a whole.

    I read all the previous posts I missed, and I'm so happy you like Skins too, and my favourite character is also Cassie! She's so cute.

    You know what, I don't know why but I'm hoping for something to happen between you and Vanilla Ice. Keep informing us!:D

  5. I totally agree that it could have gone worse for that jessi girl. But I still think she was doing the whole crying in hysteria for pity. Who tells people that they've been having emotional breakdowns "one after another", or not being able to sleep or eat, etc. I think it was just for attention. This whole thing just frustrates me. :/

  6. Hi Bree!
    First off I'd like to say sorry for not commenting and putting off reading like, four of your blogs. I guess I'm not considered a "regular" but I do read everyone of your blogs eventually (:
    As for Degrassi, I love Jane so much and hate Emma. The marriage was just.... messy. Holly J is now one of my favorites, even though I used to hate her and just thought of her as an uber-bitch. Declan is just gorgeous, and Fiona is a hot mess. Can't wait for the the rest of the season.
    And to further prove my point that I'm not a very dedicated reader, I can't even remember who Vanilla Ice is. I'm guessing he's someone you fancy? Hahaha, sorry, I'll go back and refresh my memory. Good luck with him :D
    The whole Jessi Slaughter thing is a huge mess. I didn't get involved with it as it was going on but I feel bad for her. She obviously is just in a bad stage in her life trying to be HxC and using bad language to be cool. I hope she grows up as needed.
    Also, I'd just like to say I appreciate you being someone who keeps cursing to a very minimum. When I read blogs or watch Youtubers that use swears as every other word, I lose alot of respect for them. You are definitely role-model worthy and a very nice young girl (:
    lots of love,

  7. I'm jussayin, if youre ever stuck for a blog post, you should do like a huge background degrassi post!