Monday, July 26, 2010

Sugar Town

Hello readers!

I really loved reading all your comments on my last entry. It's interesting to me how no two people seem to have the same thoughts or opinions on love... I guess it's just like faith, it's something different to everyone.

Today was a good day.

Last night I made a listography account, which is a really useful and fun website if you're like me, and you make lists for everything. It's a very versatile place, and I can almost see it becoming the next Tumblr. It has a lot of potential. You can go visit my profile and see my lists here, it's a work in progress.

I woke up at two in the afternoon, and the first thing I did was make a batch of fudge. It came out perfectly. If you've ever made fudge from scratch, the old fashioned way, you know that it's a very time and temperature sensitive thing, and even though my mom taught me how to make it when I was very young (she learned from my dad's late mother, my grandmother), it's really easy to mess up and sometimes the texture comes out slightly off (last time I made it, it wasn't as creamy as it should have been, but I was the only one that noticed the difference), but this time around I got it spot on. My only complaint is that my stepmom got me milk chocolate instead of semisweet to use, so it came out tasting less rich than normal... but it's still delicious.

After that, my best friend Michelle came over. She's been working at a local YMCA camp as a counselor for most of the summer, so I haven't seen her much. Last time I saw her, in fact, was for her and Daniella's "Hawaiian Extravaganza". It was really nice to see her. We went back to her house, caught up on life, and acted ridiculously. We made a trip to Publix because she needed to get some things for camp (ingredients for s'mores, flour for some prank they're going to pull, hot dogs, and ice cream salt). The majority of our Publix experience was spent tasting every possible sample they were handing out, and catching up with some kids from our school who work there. We also grabbed two little mini cartons of Starbucks Java-chip ice cream that came with individually wrapped spoons, and after we paid and left we sat outside of Publix, eating them in the sun on the sidewalk, soaking in the summer and talking about how our exes are both idiots.

We went back to her house for a bit, and I flipped through some old middle school yearbooks. I wasn't in any of them, obviously, since I didn't move to this town until the summer before junior year, but it was interesting to see what my classmates looked like back then. It's truly crazy how much people change.

I really love how Danger Cat always feels the need to cuddle with me when I'm writing a blog entry. She keeps blocking my view of the computer.

I left Michelle's house with a new pair of blue shorts, and a borrowed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD (I only have the digital copy, so this way I can watch it with my family tonight).

When I got home, there was a voicemail on our landline (yes, my family actually still has one) detailing some upcoming available positions working aftercare at my little sister's school.

I got really excited, and rushed to my bedroom to write out a politely worded email and sent it to the address that the voicemail had given, and now I'm going to cross my fingers. It wouldn't be very much cash, but money is money. Plus, as the oldest of seven, I'm used to handling hordes of crazy little kids. Kids love me. When I used to babysit, I always got along well with even the most hyper, bratty, or disobedient children. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm a little childlike myself.

Let it be known that I had to stop babysitting, not because of the children, but because of their parents, who ranged from stupid to rude to creepy. Really.

Anyway, it'd be nice and convenient, and I could walk to the school from my house.

So hopefully I get a reply soon. I've been on sort of a job-hunting hiatus since school let out, and maybe this will kick-start my search again. Prior to graduation I was filling out applications left and right, but then summer came along and I got lazy.

Anyway, I'm getting off to go spend time with my family who I haven't seen all day, watch Harry Potter and eat fudge. I hope you all are having a really good day.

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  1. okay, so you didn't talk about 500 days of summer at all in this, but i feel you and i were both listening/enjoying music from the soundtrack of that film today. you tweeted lyrics and now the title of this blog is just even more proof. so that's pretty awesome. :D
    but anyway, i really want some fudge now. well, maybe not because my stomach hurts at this moment, but i still kind of want it because you made the idea sound so good. i bet yours came out just lovely.
    sounds like you had fun spending time with michelle today. i actually was just talking with one of my close friends about how we need to see each other in august since i haven't seen her since the start of summer. weird. anyway, i love looking at old yearbooks. it's so fun to just see how much people change and what was popular and such at that point. it's also nice to reminisce.
    i hope you get the job at that school! i love working with little children so much. i want to become a preschool teacher someday, even if the pay for a teacher is probably low. so if you get that job i'm sure it'll be tons of fun to spend time with kids. so best of luck to you there. <3
    and by the way, my family still has a land line too. actually, it's the only phone we have. no one in my household, including myself (a teenage girl), has a cell phone. i feel so out of date. xD