Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotel Song

Last night I stayed up until eight in the morning video chatting with my friend Robbie.

I love him dearly and we made plans to go camping soon.

Because I stayed up so late, I slept most of the day. I had planned to go pay Posh Spice's mom a visit this evening, but she texted me today telling me he was home, so we rescheduled.

So tonight I am going to text Vanilla Ice (who has never seen (500) Days of Summer) and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with my family and stay up for the replay of tonight's new Degrassi at midnight.

Since this blog isn't anything interesting and I don't really feel like writing anything at all, here's a screen shot from last night/this morning's fabulous iChat session.

1 comment:

  1. camping is grand, especially with friends. so i hope you have a great time whenever that happens! also i'm sure you'll have fun seeing posh spice's mom once that all happens too. :]
    also, if vanilla ice hasn't seen (500) days of summer, that is an great chance to set up plans together and watch it. it's such a good movie that everyone needs to watch.
    oh, one last thing. i'm glad you slept a lot today instead of staying up for a ridiculous amount of time like you did when you pulled your last all nighter. this way you're well rested better and caught back up with sleep. :]