Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey guys...

Oh wow. I skipped a day yesterday... We all knew it was going to happen eventually. I feel bad.

It's not that I forgot, I actually remembered yesterday evening and had a small freakout over it, and Amy was like, "calm down, your blog readers love you and will forgive you" and I was like, "okay." And I remembered that I posted that bonus entry about my cats once. So it was like extra credit.

I've had a very eventful couple of days.

Yesterday morning I woke up at ten, and went on a relentless crusade to find my phone, which had gone missing in the bowels of my couch somewhere the night before. My stepmother and I had to flip it entirely over, and it was lodged in the metal frame somehow.

Then the doorbell rang, and it was my favorite person in the entire world- the UPS man. He brought me a package that contained a new floral print shirt (it has one of those open-bow backs) and some new pretty Grecian type sandals. I was really happy about that. So I got ready and wore my new shirt with a pair of bright coral-ish orange-y shorts and the new sandals. I felt cute.

At about half past two, Andrew showed up at my house, just in time for my newly-painted sparkly pink nails to be dry. We went to the mall to visit Spencers and get him a new lip ring, because the stud he had in before was making his lip all gross and infected and... gross. While we were doing that we discussed the joys of the single life and food.

We then stopped by his house, so that he could shower and change, and I sat in his room and messed around on his MacBook Pro (which is two inches wider than mine but it's an older version so I don't feel inferior). Andrew also has a giant Tootsie Roll costume on his wall. I'm not sure why. He also had a really cool fur hat that I kind of wanted to steal. We then raided his kitchen and grabbed snackage (chocolate chips, six bags of microwave popcorn, and grape Kool-Aid) and hit the road for Amy's house.

When we got there, Amy wasn't home yet (why is it I always show up when she's not there?) but we called her and she gave us the password to open her garage. This time, not even her parents were home so it was me and Andrew in this giant house all by ourselves. So naturally, we turned on her gigantic plasma-screen TV and watched Ghostbusters and ate her food.

I also found a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in her room, so that was nice.

She came home about twenty minutes later, and we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Andrew had never seen the Harry Potter movies/read the books, so Amy has been on this personal mission to make him watch all of them in order) and me and Amy kind of ruined it for Andrew since we spent the whole movie reciting the lines and discussing major plot points and spoilers from the other books.

After the movie was over, we went on the computer and introduced Andrew to Jessi Slaughter/Kerligirl13 (google it) and died laughing.

Amy's parents came home and since it was Amy's dad's birthday, they were going to go out to dinner, and at that point Andrew and I would have left, but there was supposed to be a party that night and we were going to go to the beach today so Amy wanted me to spend the night and stay with her. So, I crashed their family's dinner party, basically. And Andrew came too.

We went to Carrabas, this nice Italian place, with Amy's parents and our friend Tyler's parents (Tyler was on his flight back from San Francisco at the time). Andrew and I were both broke. So Andrew just ordered water and ate bread from the basket, and me and Amy split an entree. It was delicious and we laughed a lot and I felt kind of bad, like I was imposing myself on Amy's parents but they seemed okay with it.

We went back to Amy's house, and I got a call from my mom and got an update on her situation that made me feel a little better about everything.

Now the original plan had been for me and Amy to go to this party, stay the night at JJ's house and then go to the beach with everyone in the morning. But then JJ texted Amy telling her that the party was filled with sketchy people and was lame so we didn't go and we just decided I was going to sleep at Amy's, and we'd wake up early for the beach the next morning.

Andrew and Amy and I all bonded on Amy's couch over a box of cheez-its and a Pokemon app, and then Tyler was back from the airport. Amy and Tyler live in the same cul-de-sac, So we just went across the street to smother him with love and affection.

We went into Tyler's house and drank cherry coke and ate this amazing Reese's cake that Amy made, and then we all laid in the middle of the cul-de-sac and looked at the stars and talked about how big the universe is and about our individual encounters with self-harm/depression/etc. (or in my case, compulsive vomiting), and how we dealt with those struggles and made it through but IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE IS SO BIG (haha, inside joke. Of course it matters, I just had to throw that in there for Amy's sake)!!!

Then we migrated to Tyler's back patio where we just talked and talked. Mostly about the unattainable people we've all crushed on (Vanilla Ice!). We laid there with our feet in the pool and just laughed until we realized it was two o'clock in the morning. So we all said our goodbyes, Andrew got in his car to go home and Amy and I went back to her house and laid in her bed and talked for almost two hours about pretty much everything. This was a night of lots of talking.

We set an alarm for 9:15 to wake up for the beach this morning.

At 9:15 this morning, that alarm went off, and Amy and I were like, "no". Too exhausted and lazy.

So we slept until one in the afternoon, and when we woke up her mother had brought us Chic Fil A (FOR BREAKFAST!) and it was amazing.

Then we got ready (which for her meant actually getting ready and making herself cute, and for me meant putting on eyeliner and the same clothes I wore yesterday since I didn't bring anything because I didn't know I'd be spending the night) and went to the mall to find her dad a birthday present, and called my dad to meet us there so that Amy wouldn't have to drive me the extra twenty minutes home.

At the mall we encountered Andrew's scary ex-girlfriend who hates Amy, a fellow Mets fan, and cute clothes in Forever 21 that we didn't have money for. My dad came, and we looked in the bookstore for a while, I picked out the next Palahniuk book I want to read and we came home.

And as soon as I got home, I went straight to my computer, plowed my way through 26 Facebook notifications and wrote this blog. Because I love you guys. I feel nasty and dirty and in need of a shower. I also feel the urge to make a milkshake. So that's what I'm off to do.

I found out today that Envy On The Coast (the band mentioned in this entry) broke up. And I was pretty distraught. Like, I didn't think that could ever actually happen... I don't know. I hate when bands I like break up.

But, it was all made better by the fact that You, Me, and Everyone We Know has a new single out, called "Some Things Don't Wash Out". Amy and I downloaded it this morning and listened to it on our way to the mall. It's so catchy and happy and fun and I love everything about it. I just love YM&EWK. They're one of the few poppy-punk bands I listened to in my freshmen year that I can still listen to now and thoroughly enjoy. Go listen to them.

Okay. I really wish I could have written a better blog for you guys but I think I just wrote it all too fast or something. You guys are a priority for me. Haha. I love you so so so much. Stay awesome.

Weight: no idea
Twitter followers: 956
Tumblr followers: 394
Why is today awesome: I have all the necessary ingredients for a chocolate milk shake.


  1. So you're pretty much amazing and I'm completely jealous. Kbye.
    Oh, and of course we forgive you.

  2. amy was right, we do love you and you are very much forgiven for not posting a blog yesterday. it's all good.
    but woah. it seems like so much happened in your last two days. i kind of don't even know where to start with this comment. xD
    so i guess i'll just start with saying how it sounds like you, amy, and andrew all had such a good time. watching movies, eating some yummy food, catching up on internet drama about 11 year olds, going out to eat unexpectedly, just all talking together with friends, all good stuff. haha, it's too bad that the plans you had about the party didn't happen, but it seems like you still had a lot of fun anyway. and there's always next time. and there will always be another time to go the beach instead. maybe when you're not exhausted from the previous night would be better, haha. it basically just seems like no matter what the plans are, if they happen unexpectedly or not, you and your friends always have a good time in the end, so that's all that matters.
    i'm also happy that the situation with your mom has seemed to gotten better. i don't know what's happening in that part of your life, but i hope that all works out and ends well.
    as for the bands stuff, i also dislike when bands break up. it's just sad. like a broken friendship happened or some sort like that. :/ & for the other band, perhaps i will indeed listen to some of their songs when i get the chance. :]
    and so i hope you had fun making your milkshake. i wish i had one now. xD

  3. Hey bree, I have read all your blog entries but this is the first time i'm actually commenting...anyway, I think we have a whole lot in common and similar personalities so I really like reading what you write and hearing what you have to say (not in a creepy way!) That's all (:

  4. It's your blog man, write when you want! Aha. I really wish I had friends like that, just laying there looking at the stars and talking sounds amazing.

  5. Bree!
    It's been such a long time since i've commented :c, which is why i suck. BUT ITS OKAY! Your day sounds amazing c:. Its not that i have been busy, its more of lazy.
    Yesterday i painted my nails for the first time since i started summer. This was not my fault, due to my job i'm not allowed to paint my nails. I had the day off yesterday so i painted them! (to see them: ).
    Also yesterday i went to my aunt and uncles seventieth birthday party. It was so hot, yet very fun c: I talked to my great? uncle Jean, who i hadn't seen since i was like three. I also learned that i LOVE Italians, stuffed grape leaves and homemade ice cream. I took a bunch of pictures at my aunts house, which i am currently photoshopping! ( )I am just full of links!

    I hope you had a FANTASTIC day!

  6. sorry, i havent commented for a few days :/
    sounds like you had a good few days :)
    ah i still need to watch the last harry potter movie. i kinda lost interest though :[ (dont hate me)lol.
    "we all laid in the middle of the cul-de-sac and looked at the stars and talked" ive always wanted to lie on a rooftop at night and just look at the stars. sadly, i cant get up on my roof :/ oh wellllz.