Thursday, July 22, 2010

About face

Hello readers, I am currently writing to you in a state of elation.

Last night, as those of you who subscribe to my YouTube channel probably already know, I pulled an all nighter, and filmed it. I was pretty satisfied with the results. I took a nap from 10 AM to 3 PM, and when I woke up I assumed I wouldn't be doing much for the rest of the day.


Vanilla Ice invited me to go play trivia with him at Beef O'Brady's, a local sports bar type place. Every Thursday they have trivia game nights where you get a team and answer questions and the winners get gift certificates.

Obviously I jumped on that opportunity.

I went, and it was him and his two friends that I didn't know, and it was a lot of fun. We won third place, and a 15 dollar gift certificate. But I would have been just as happy about it had we not won anything at all.

He has the cutest smile in the whole world, I'm just saying.

Okay. Time for me to stop being a gushy little girl.

Now I'm back home, texting Amy who is back from the beach (I get to see her Saturday!) and being proud of myself. I don't even mind that my Wet 'n Wild plans for tomorrow fell through. Nothing could get me down right now.

Nothing nothing nothing.

Also, since I was awake anyway due to my all-nighter, I watched the Jessi Slaughter interview on Good Morning America. I thought it was disappointing, but I'm very grateful they made no mention of Tumblr or 4chan. I definitely do not want Tumblr to be flooded by idiots and turned into the next MySpace anytime soon. I was also mad that they turned into a segment about cyber bullying.

I hate it when adults feel the need to make these super-serious technical terms like "cyber bullying!" and "sexting!" for these terrifying things that they think every minor is a part of (when really, most of us are already desensitized to cruelty over the internet and most of us don't take naked pictures of ourselves). And you never hear anyone under the age of 30 actually using these terms.

Also it made me laugh how they blamed the entire thing on Stickam.

That's all I really have for you guys today. Thanks a million to my lovely readers and commenters, you guys make this all worthwhile.

Weight: 114 WORKING ON IT.
Twitter followers: 975 what what.
Tumblr followers: 409
Why today is awesome: In case you didn't catch it the first time, I HUNG OUT WITH VANILLA ICE TODAY.


  1. oh goodness, bree. you looked so tired in that all nighter video you posted. i watched it when it was first posted with the messed up audio. but after watching it i really hoped that you were going to go back to sleep or something. but you went out to hang out with vanilla ice and some other people? wow. i don't even know how you pulled that off without passing out. xD i'm really happy for you having a good time and getting to hang out with him and all, though. i just really also hope that you got a very nice sleep after that long day of excitement. :]
    & about jessi slaughter's gma segment. i thought it was disappointing too. i was just expecting more from it and such. i don't know. and how it just turned into a "cyber bullying" segment was also annoying. i feel like everyone else but jessi is getting blamed for what happened. bleh. but it's great they didn't talk about tumblr. everyone was freaking out about tumblr being taken over by everyone, but then nothing happened like that, haha.
    so this is the morning after you posted your blog, so i hope you're still getting that much needed rest right now. <3

  2. omg yay vanilla ice:D