Sunday, July 11, 2010

No matter where I go, no matter what I do.

Thanks a million to Alycia, Sabrina, Uncle Chris (I'm glad you appreciate my soup picks, hahaha), Alison, Carolyn (no, I'm not confirmed. I was baptized as a Lutheran when I was little though), Lisa, and James. I really enjoyed reading the comments of those of you who told me about your personal beliefs and it was really cool how they were all unique, no two were alike. I really like that. And I feel that's the way faith should be. It should be your personal relationship with God, or Allah, or the universe, or whatever. It's yours. No one should have the power to change that for you. I love you guys!

This is a very early entry (it's only four pm) compared to when I normally post, but it's mostly because I am putting off doing all of that important stuff I said I was going to do... I will be productive, but for now, I blog.

I decided I'm going to stop linking to every blog post on Tumblr. It's just kind of a hassle and it clutters my Tumblr and distracts from the things I want to post on Tumblr. Plus, it just makes my Tumblr seem less like a place of self-expression and more like a hub for me to self-promote. And that's definitely not what I want. This blog and my Tumblr are probably the two most personal internet outlets for me, Tumblr being the more community-oriented side of things and this being my solo project. So, I hope you guys all have this blog bookmarked and will still stop by every once in a while even when I'm not throwing it in your face daily.

Today I came up with the brilliant idea to take Oreos, split them open, place a layer of chocolate chips on side, microwave it for 15 seconds so the chocolate chips get melty, and re-assemble. So guess what my sister and I have been snacking on all day? Yeah, I know, this blog is basically just an ongoing list of the disgustingly unhealthy (but occasionally really creative) things I eat...

My stomach pretty much hates me right now. But, I promised it I would return to my healthy-ish ways once the weekend is over. So I don't feel bad right now.

"ALL THE GIRLS POST THE SAME FOUR PICTURES. ALL THE BOYS GOT THE SAME GIRL'S HAIR." Awwwe, "She Doesn't Get It" by The Format just came on iTunes shuffle. This is one of the songs that was blared obnoxiously from Taylor's speakers that night we all went to Chili's. So I'm smiling.

Oh, and I pretty much feel like a terrible friend because I haven't written any letters to my best friend Michelle while she's been at camp since I've been home. This has been due to equal parts laziness/distractedness/forgetfulness. It's not because I don't care, every day I tell myself, "okay, you're going to set aside time to write that letter today" but then I just don't remember. And I feel really bad, and there really is no excuse... And then I guess yesterday she was home for a day and she apparently texted me but I honestly never received it and she probably thinks I'm blowing her off but that's really not the case and just. Gah. I don't know what to do guys, I hate it when she gets mad at me. I'll just write her a really heartfelt letter/novel tonight and hope for the best, I suppose, during what's normally my blogging time.

Since this blog is going absolutely nowhere, I'm going to write you guys a couple lists.

1) Things bothering me right now:
  • I'm a bad friend (see above).
  • My stomach hurts.
  • I feel dirty but I'm too lazy to take a shower.
  • My dad is currently yelling about the World Cup and it's obnoxious.
  • I started following Devin Oliver's (vocalist of the band I See Stars) girlfriend on Twitter and now I feel guilty about ever lusting after him because I remember what it's like to be dating the attractive-band-frontman-guy and dealing with the fangirls and such. So I am sending her apology vibes. Lots and lots of apology vibes.
2) Things I want to get accomplished before bed tonight:
  • Do my online orientation/get registered for SSC.
  • Do something about the disgusting amount of laundry that is taking over my bedroom floor.
  • Take a shower and go to the bookstore and get something new to read.
  • Do some yoga.
  • Write Michelle a letter.
3) Links you should click on:
  • Chelsea Rodriguez- I've mentioned her before. This is her music MySpace (she sings and plays the piano) and she has a gorgeous voice and she's adorable and I love her. A lot. So go have a listen, and add her, will you?

Well. I guess I'm going to get off my butt and do something with my life now. Which probably means I'll procrastinate on Tumblr for another hour. But I love you guys regardless. Have a good one!

Weight: Not weighing myself today ftw
Twitter followers: 938
Why today is awesome: It's this beautiful creature's 20th birthday today!


  1. Bree, reading your blog makes me really smile for some reason, I'm not sure why :]
    I have my own blog, but it's kind of stuck on 39 posts because I don't know what to write about, though I think reading your posts are inspiring me to write a bit, so I just might :]
    Carry on being awesome <3

  2. I love hearing about your food creations haha, they sound ambitious. I See Stars are from my home state and I adore them. <3 I probably should stop procrastinating as well, on tumblr and your blog, and do my own list of things I need to do.

  3. hahahaha "this blog is basically just an ongoing list of the disgustingly unhealthy (but occasionally really creative) things I eat..."
    i dig it. i do that with pengiun bars sometimes. it's the glory; but i've never done it with oreos! this is another must try.

    and the format! i freaking love the format! that album is incredible though. that's a summer album for me. i've been keeping away from the format lately though, but i'm not sure why.. i've been more into folk music and stuff. john martyn's the man like.

    i wish i had the dedication to writing letters. my friend frankie and i do it, and while she writes and sends the day she gets my letter, i leave if for a few days to simmer and let my creativity soar.. (i just can't be bothered to be honest..) but i really dig sending letters. i think the post is something that seperates us from the internet, cause when people use post, they're ordering something from the internet from like, amazon, and we don't use it to send carefully written letters like we do in the olden days. I MUST LEARN TO CONDENSE WHAT I WRITE SO THERE IS NOT AS MUCH. SORRY. BYE <3

  4. I did that tumblr letter writing thing but with physical pen and paper. I gave up after a while. And even though it wasn't a long time ago at all, so much has changed! I wouldn't write any of the things I wrote if i wrote them now! Like my best friend isn't my friend anymore, etc. Oh oops. Your letter just reminded me of that. sorry?

    And for the procrastination; I think the best way to get out of that habit, is just to do it. Don't say in a couple of minutes or something. Just do it. (im not a nike fan btw ;))

    And sorry I haven't posted a comment in a while. :( I just haven't had anything to say.

  5. Personally I have your blog on my google reader, which is full of a lot of blogs, a lot that don't post, like at all, but there are 2 good regulars that I check regularly for, yours and .
    You should like, make a recipe book. You're really good at making sweet little creations.
    Procrastination. Oh I hate you. I have like 3 letters half written, 1 for a friend who is at basic (army training camp) who probably really needs a letter to break away from the harshness of camp, but gah, I know what you mean.
    Well I hope you get all that stuff done tonight. The book store trip sounds like it could be fun. I love going to book stores, but the closest one is 45 minutes away ):
    Hopefully read about you tomorrow and read in a timely fashion. yeahhh.

  6. i love how you tell us all about what you've been up to lately/ your past expierences/your opinions/ your thoughts etc as if we're all best of friends and known each other for years :)i honestly find your blogs interesting and i enjoy reading them.
    ps. i listend to your friend, chelsea. she is really good!! :)

  7. i've had your blog booked marked since the start, so i feel ahead of the game. xD i'll definitely be making sure that i've checked my bookmarks every so often so i don't miss any blogs of yours.
    you make the best sounding foods ever. so they may not sound all that healthy, but they sure do sound yummy!
    i hope your friend michelle isn't mad at you or anything. i think a nice, long, meaningful letter could prevent that. i'm sure she'll love it and appreciate it a lot if you just explain the situation and such to her. :]
    oh! disgusting amount of laundry! i feel we can bond over this. i always take so long getting my laundry together and it gets really gross after a while. it's a bad habit of procrastination, haha. but i hope you didn't procrastinate much tonight and got some of the things you wanted to do done now. :]

  8. hey bree! nice to see that you're getting yourself partly organized by making a list. good luck with college, the laundry, and writing to your friend. I tried out that baking pancakes in the oven, and it didn't taste quite as good as I expected. that was probably just me failing though, hahah. by the way, i never felt the need to bookmark your blog just because i've been willingly going to read it just about everyday. so don't worry, you've got a handful of dedicated readers (:
    lots of love,

  9. That oreo idea sounds the best thing ever. I don't really see oreos around over here that much :/ It's a good idea get organised like that, I'm really bad at being organised! :) I'm sure your friend will understand, so don't worry to much about it :) She'll love your letter :) good luck with the college things