Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some things just don't wash out.

Hey guys! It's 10:30 at night, and I'm writing this post with a belly full of ice cream and contentment.

Muchos gracias to Alycia, Sabrina, Dana, Lisa, and Elz.

Today I woke up at two thirty in the afternoon. I know you guys must be really, really proud of me...

I didn't change out of my pajamas all day or brush my hair.

But I watched Skins online and rekindled my love for that show. My favorite character is Cassie Ainsworth. For those of you who have seen the show (and I'm sure some of you have, since a few of my readers/fans are from the UK) Cassie is basically what would happen if Amy and I had a baby.

I also watched a couple episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation and got stoked for the new season that starts tomorrow.

I spent the vast majority of today missing Amy. She's become such a regular part of my life now, and when I'm not with her I feel like something is out of whack.

But my friend Daniella and her boyfriend Danny came over. We did a lot of talking and catching up, about random stuff. I've really missed her as well. Everytime we've attempted to make plans recently, it's fallen through. Danny is actually really cool. Many of Daniella's friends don't really approve of him or their relationship, and to each their own, but personally I get along pretty well with him. He's a nice guy. And he has attractive friends.

We made late night Rita's run, literally fifteen minutes before Rita's closed, just because we saw on the Rita's website that they had Daniella's favorite flavor (cookies and cream). Danny ordered the Swedish Fish flavor. Fortunately for me, the people in front of us in line had their orders messed up the first time around, so there were two extra gelati's and since they were about to close, they just gave the extras to us. I was a happy camper.

Then I came home and they left.

So it was a pretty mellow day. But I'm happy.

Today I thought a lot about hypocrisy, and people who preach and lecture about taking the moral high ground, when they do the opposite. One person in particular actually. Amy had an encounter with this person today, and I won't go into detail, but it really bothered me. Nobody's perfect, I understand that, but... Oh well. I'm not going to waste my energy ranting about it, I'm getting very sleepy.

Also have any of you guys seen Inception and did you like it? Amy and I are going to go see it when she gets back from the beach in four days.

I wish I could make this longer for you guys, but I'm pretty tired. I love you lots and lots. See you tomorrow.

Weight: still haven't checked
Twitter followers: 962
Tumblr followers: 400
Today is awesome because: I had ramen for dinner. Yum yum.


  1. mellow days are pretty fun. i love staying in pajamas all day, it's just kinda enjoyable to be so lazy every now and then. and even if this was a mellow day for you, it still is a lot more exciting than my regular fun filled days. xD
    your late night run to that rita's place seemed pretty adventurous. and you even achieved getting some free food by doing that! i find that a very honorable achievement.
    also, i very much dislike hypocrites. they just bug me a lot. i don't understand how someone can be all for something, or against something, or just something like that, and then they go and do the opposite of what they were saying. it's just annoying and can be rude, depending on how many times it has happened and if it happened out of an accident or not.
    & inception. i did not see it, but one of my friends has and he said he approved of it a lot. :]

  2. sounds like my day today. haha. I was so lazy in the morning/afternoon, then went out and did stuff later.
    I did see inception on Friday, and it was AWESOME and blew my mind. I loved it (:
    and I used to watch Degrassi, but the new episodes have been so scattered lately it's confusing me. I do still love it though.

  3. I'm thinking I should try and watch Skins sometime.. and I really want to see Inception, I was going to today but the plans fell through.

  4. I love staying in my pajamas :) And I cannot wait for the new degrassi season to start! They are very good at pulling people in with the promos. ;)

  5. Skins is my absolute favorite show, I love Cassie as well. What's your favorite season? MTV is coming out with a version of Skins but it's going to suck so bad. I grew up on Degrassi, the old episodes will always be tons better but I'm excited for the boiling point. I can't stand Jenna though. I haven't seen Inception yet but I want to really really bad.

  6. ah skins is the best. cassie makes me laugh loads, shes's brill.
    which cast do you prefer? personally, i prefer the old cast to the new cast. :)
    i havent seen inception yet. hopefully i'll get to see it soon. toy story 3 has just come out here so im seeing that tomorrow :D

  7. PJ days are the best. I got home from my friends, this morning, and changed into them straight away. I love skins. I was really shocked at how it ended on the last season, but really looking forward to the next one. I wish they showed Degrassi in Ireland because whenever I go to America, I get so obsessed with it, and then I come back to Ireland, and I can't watch it anymore. I can't even find it online. Sounds like you had a good time with your friends. I haven't seen Inception, but there's been none stop talk about it. I really want to see it.