Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just a warning, this post will probably be very jumbled and might not make much sense, and will probably include copious amounts of grammar errors.

But thanks nonetheless to Alycia, Sabrina, Marina, James, and Elizabeth. You guys are cool.

So, I guess I'll give you guys an update on what has occurred since my last post.

My parents said yes to driving me the forty-five minutes to Amy's house. On the way there, my sister beat with drumsticks that just so happened to be lying in our car. When I got to Amy's house, she was still at Tijuana Flats, so it was just me and her dad. We watched "How I Met Your Mother" and there was a conversation on the show about erections. You can imagine how awkward I felt. But at least it was Amy's dad, and not someone else's dad.

I'll just take this moment to say how much I love Amy's house. Like I really, really love her house. There is always delicious food, and her room is incredible. It's mostly incredible because the walls and furniture are completely COVERED in ticket stubs from shows and pictures her friends have drawn for her and posters and photographs and it's just amazing. She also has the biggest collection of legit, paid-for CD's I've ever seen in a modern day teenager's room, and an incredible movie and book collection.

So when Amy came home shortly after I arrived, and we retreated to her awesome bedroom and talked about life. She recently got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I'm so jealous, I haven't gone yet) and she let me eat her chocolate frog ("I only bought it for the box and the famous wizard card, I don't really like the chocolate," was her reasoning) and I marveled over her butterbeer mug. I really, really want to go soon. But I'm poor...

I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was seven. Seriously. I lost a tooth, and instead of the tooth fairy bringing me a dollar, I got Sorcerer's Stone under my pillow. And I've been hooked ever since. When my family first got high speed internet access, I almost instantly became swept up in the online fandom, writing fanfiction and posting on forums. And when YouTube first became a website, people started making Harry Potter fanvids on there, which led to me joining YouTube, which led to me buying a webcam, which ultimately resulted in my YouTube life today. SO. There you have it, how Harry Potter created my internet identity...

Anyway, back to my life. After eating half the chocolate frog, I changed into a pair of Amy's bright red shorts and a vintage oversized tiger t-shirt and put on my Native American sandals (I am made of awesome, I know) and KTG$ showed up and we headed over to our friend JJ's new house (she just moved) for a party.

The party was tons and tons of fun, I can't give away too much without completely incriminating myself, but... yeah. The only people I knew there were Amy and KTG$ and JJ, so I got to meet a ton of really great new people. Everyone there was so beautiful. There was not a single unattractive person at this party. Gorgeous boys and gorgeous girls. And everyone was so incredibly nice.

This really cute, petite little blonde girl wearing an oversized men's t-shirt reading "I BEAT ANOREXIA" as a dress brought brownies. Actually it was just a big plate with a giant hunk of brownie on it, and there were no silverware or plates or anything so people just kind of collectively picked at it... Haha. But yeah. I told her she was my new best friend.

We also fit seven people on an air mattress and this boy named Corbin tried to convince me to make out with his cute hipster friend, to which I protested with, "but I don't know any of these people so I need to keep it classy..."

Oh, it was so much fun. I wish I could relate every single little detail to you guys, but alas, we have 24 more hours to go.

We left around midnight, exchanging numbers and promises of Facebook friendship on our way out, Amy yelled, "I'm addicted to painkillers, did you know that?" a little too loudly in the middle of the street, which led to us befriending this very kindly young shirtless man with gauges and a really obnoxious tattoo.

When we got back to Amy's house, I put on Amy's fur hat and sent some regrettable text messages, and we called Tyler and told him to come over too, because we didn't want our party to be over. KTG$ fell asleep really quickly, but Amy and Tyler and I stayed up really late and watched Brokeback Mountain (Amy and I both cried) and ate disgusting amounts of trail mix and Tyler made me a delicious sandwich and I finished the chocolate frog.

I fell asleep in Amy's bed, along with her and her dog Roxanne.

When we woke up this morning, Amy and KTG$ and I ate breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios) and KTG$ left and then Amy and I creeped on Facebook and Tumblr for a really long time. I accepted/sent a ridiculous amount of friend requests to/from a few of the great people I met last night, and got tagged in the greatest pictures, ever.

Then Amy and I made brownies, because we're disgusting. We watched Highway, which is a really really cute and funny (but also quite vulgar) movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto (drool). I loved it, sooo much.

We then went swimming (exercise!) and had a really long heart to heart about people that have hurt us in the past and BWH (Bitches We Hate). Then her daddy brought us pizza, which was heavenly.

Then we made the drive back to my house, discussing how happy and content we were the whole way, and we were joined by our friend Taylor (not Guy!Taylor who I've talked about before, this is Girl!Taylor). We watched the beginning of 17 Again and Corbin, who we met last night texted Amy inviting us to another party at his friend's house, which we considered going to, but I felt too disgusting and exhausted and Amy had to be home at 12:30 tonight so it just wasn't convenient. I wish we could have made it though, he was a really nice guy.

Then Amy and Girl!Taylor left my house and now I'm here, writing this blog, from my couch, and my eyes feel heavy but my heart feels light.

I love my friends and love experiences like these. I love summer. But for now, I need sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

Goodnight guys.

Weight: ?
Twitter followers: 953
Why today is awesome: I woke up next to Amy. It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. This was a very well put together post for your beginning warning you gave.
    This all sounds very fun! You're quite lucky to have a parent who will drive you 45 miles at a last minute notice.
    Brownies. Nom. I love brownies. so much.
    Hopefully there will be more fun party invites soon! (:

    p.s. I know have set it up that my friend Diana and me will be making "Bree's Chocolate Chip Pancake Cake" on Friday for my birthday lunch. (: We're really excited, and I can't wait to try your creation!

  2. all I can say is your summer sounds AMAZING. like legit, I totally wish that I could have your social life. I'm totes jeal. :D
    & I will totally be watching "highway" sometime soon. any movie starring jake gyllenhaal and jared leto is my kind of movie.
    best wishes,
    carolyn (:

  3. bree i love you so much and i lied about never commenting on this blog because this post is perfect just like the past two days of my life, okay. i love you very much and maybe i will bring you another chocolate frog? CAUSE I AM GOING BACK TOMORROW SO YEAH. <3

  4. you sure did have an eventful time compared to how your last blog went. xD it really does sound like you have the best summer nights ever.
    haha, i like how harry potter is the reason for you getting a youtube account and basically starting everything that you've accomplished now. i would have never guessed that a simple love for harry potter could create so much good.
    the party you went to seemed amazing! seems like you had such a good time and everything. haha, if you make friends with a good majority of the people who were there, perhaps you'll go to an endless amount of parties with them. xD that would be pretty fun, but it also seems like it would be so tiring after a while. some much needed sleep always feels grand. <3
    and it sounds great how you spend the other day too. just having some serious conversations with your friends about life and some components of that and all. i wish i had some good friends to be able to do that with.
    but anyway, i hope you slept very well last night after all the fun you've had. :]

  5. Oh I love Harry Potter with all my heart and I want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so bad. I never would have guessed it started you off on YouTube. Well, it looks like I have to see Highway now because it has my boyfriend Jake in it. It sounds like you had mega fun time and I wish I wasn't has shy and awkward and had a social life like yours haha. You always have so much fun.

  6. sounds like you've had an incredible night. :)

    i had a really good night like that last week when we ran out of petrol at like, 3 in the morning, and we had to sleep out in the car for a wee while, until we got some lawnmower fuel to get the car to a petrol station.

    good gosh, i want to go to america. i know this is generalizing the views of my country about your country, but i just want to go there and freaking have a good week of incredible things happen around me. ever since i read the great gatsby, my desire to travel to america has escalated into this big stupid tower where in order to get the top you have to take the stairs because the lift is broken. (i don't have any money to go to america, but maybe when i've saved up and next summer when i'm 18 i'll go. good gosh. america and iceland.)

    lovely post. sounds like your summer is incredible! <3