Sunday, July 4, 2010

Party in the USA?

Hey commenters, you guys are the coolest. Alycia, Kristin, Sabrina, Rebecca, Marina, Marta, James and Misty.

So last night after I posted my last entry, I got a phone call from my good friend Chase, who asked if I wanted to go on a Dairy Queen run. He came and picked me up and we quickly discovered that Dairy Queen isn't open at 10:40 PM on a Saturday night... So we went to McDonald's and got sundaes there instead.

We sat in his car and discussed music for a while... And then the subject turned to Posh Spice, who is one of his good friends. We just kind of reflected on everything... he told me some things about what he's been up to recently, and I guess it all just caught me in kind of a weak moment, probably having something to do with the fact that his mom had texted me earlier, and I just started crying. The hurt all came back, and I just felt empty. I just sat there, crying in Chase's car, wondering where I had gone wrong.

But then I pulled myself together pretty quickly, reminded myself how much better things are without him, and what a douche he really is, and I was okay.

This morning I woke up feeling sick. I was still able to start that six week exercise plan though. I did 20 minutes of jogging and then these yoga poses. For the record, I fail completely at yoga.

But I ended up feeling worse as the day went on so I stayed home while my family went to Downtown Disney. Which was probably better for me since if I had gone I would have completely gorged myself on delicious Disney food.

I also watched the first two episodes of season five of Supernatural online.

I took a nap, and it was one of those really intense naps that you only get when you're seriously ill, and I woke up covered in sweat. I took a gloriously long shower, and now I really want to watch Half Blood Prince. Too bad it's the only Harry Potter film that I don't personally own. So I'll just reread the book.

So yeah. This has been a typical, boring post, which I guess is a nice refresher from the past couple days of angst.

Oh. I just received a text from my old best friend Kastina. Me and her used to be completely inseparable. But we grew apart this past school year... We haven't hung out since Christmastime. But she just asked me to go to Wet n Wild with her tomorrow... I think I'm going to do it. It can't hurt.

So yeah. That's all for today folks.

Weight: 110.6 (Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I definitely lost some tone and want to get down to like 105, so I'm continuing with the whole boot camp plan.)
Twitter followers: 931
Episodes left in season five of Supernatural: 22


  1. Bree, you seem like a really cool person. I am just saying. I've kind of been lurking~ your blog but I enjoy reading it. That sounds creepy. What was your diet?

  2. Ahh.
    Sorry you were sick. :/ Hope you feel better.
    I am in love with anything and everything Harry Potter. :D I'm obsessed. I want to be Hermione for Halloween. I'm talking wand and all. xD
    And as for your weight, I wish I could weigh that little. :3
    Also, maybe you and Kastina will rekindle your friendship. I absolutely adore whenever I get together with old friends.<3

  3. that moment you had in chase's didn't seem like it was all that enjoyable. but maybe it was somewhat good that it happened. it shows that you're stronger now and won't fall back with that poop head again. you got though that moment, so it seems like it should be all good now, or at least for the time being. :]
    haha, yoga seems difficult. i tried it only once and quickly gave up at it. the only reason i tried it in the first place was because i was home from school and got bored and then some yoga show came on.
    it's also cool that you're getting in touch with your old best friend. i lost a really good friend because of high school and us being apart, so if an opportunity for us to hang out again ever came up, i would so jump on it. so i hope you have a good time hanging out with her and probably others at that wet n wild thing. :]

  4. I love late night ice cream runs. I haven't done any since I was like 10, but they're still really fun.
    Sometimes, it's good to look back at what was, as long as you see how much better now is. Which you do, which is great. :D
    I fail at yoga too. It seams so simple, but it's really complicated.
    I hate those naps that you wake up drenched in sweat. I always wake up feeling more out of it then I went into it.
    Have fun with Kastina tomorrow!

  5. I think it was good that you had a breakdown. It not only shows your capable of being strong and pulling yourself together but that you still have the capability to feel and have strong emotions and that Posh Spice wasn't able to take that from you. You are still a strong individual that's able to move on. I haven't started the 6-week plan but I'm not looking forward to the yoga! Harry Potter = win and one of my obsessions, Draco Malfoy is beyond gorgous just saying.. Reconnecting with old friends is always good, and it's not like you have anything to lose. Have fun :)

  6. Late nice icecream sounds the best!
    I think it's awesome the Posh Spices mother is still nice to you, and is texting you, seeing how close you guys were. Maybe it's a good thing you had a break down. Nobody is perfect. I just hope your okay right now!
    Good luck on your 6 week plan! you can do it
    I need to watch harry potter and read the books, lol. all my friends are totally obsessed, so I really need to get into it too!
    Awesome, catch up time with your friend. It shows she misses you <3

  7. I can't do yoga either :/ But if I pretend I know what I'm doing, I feel better and it does help how your body feels after a while :)

  8. i reckon i should do some exercise. i've got a bucket list for the summer, and there's like ten major things on it, and losing weight's one of them. gosh. i'll get on that tomorrow :D

    that's sad about you crying, but i think it's awesome that you've picked up a lesson from that, and that you've realised further that posh spice's a dick. :) good hustle, and i'm happy for you that you're feeling better about it!

    where would i be without your blogs. <3