Friday, July 9, 2010


Virtual cookies all around for Kaelin, Connie, James, Alycia, Sabrina, Tristen, and Joey. Thank you guys for your incredible amounts of caring and understanding. I'm glad you guys could kind of see that side of things... And I hope the subject matter didn't get you down too much. I really am very happy about everything.

Today was another great and happy and wonderful day.

I woke up and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events with my little sister and ate fiber bars.

Around three-ish, my buddy Andrew came over and we just sort of sat around a listened to music and talked in my room for a while. It was nice. He's a really sweet guy, and we get along so well. He's just impossible not to like. My dog kind of molested him though, and that was awkward. After that we went to Taco Bell, where we ate delicious potato tacos, which sound like a terrible idea, but really, they are the most beautiful fast food item in existence. I think all of you should go to Taco Bell, right now, and order one. They're only 89 cents each.

After Taco Bell, we went to this show at a venue called "The Gate" that I had no idea existed. And it's less than a mile from my house. The first time we tried to get there, we actually missed it and drove a mile and a half in the wrong direction... Finally, we made use of the nifty GPS on Andrew's phone and found it... It was basically a concert hall in a church.

It was all local bands. There were two acoustic one-man type things, The Ollinator and Political Love Affair. Then there was this band Astana, they're pretty big in my area, and they are actually on tour right now. After Astana, Awaken Great City played, and they're made up of some of my really good friends, Ian, Chris, Keith... And they have a really pretty female vocalist named Makenzie who probably thinks I'm super creepy because I like, idolize her. And a band called Messengers was playing last, but Andrew and I left before their set.

The whole thing was really great. I got to see lots of people who I love and haven't seen in a while. I spent time with Ian and Chris and Makenzie, like I mentioned above. And I ate from the Awaken Great City official Dorito's bag.

My friend Ricky, who I haven't seen since like, November '09, was there. He's actually Astana's merch guy and is on tour with them. So that was exciting. He gave me a "Hello, my name is [blank space where I wrote "Bree Bear!" in black sharpie] and I heart Hooters!" sticker, which I displayed proudly on my shirt for all to see. I thought that was pretty great.

I got to see some friends from school that I haven't seen since like, graduation, Kayla and Michael (they are such an adorable couple, everyone was skeptical at first but they have certainly proved them all wrong), JP and Shelby (I hope they get married), Bradley and Heather (all these cute couples, hahah), Ryan, Renee... And Chelsea, who is pretty much my soul mate, was there also. I was just, surrounded by love and it was wonderful. And I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of other people, but, you get the gist.

Posh Spice was there too. But, we're really good at pretending that we don't see each other. It makes things run so much smoother. However... Posh Spice is a vocalist, of the hardcore persuasion, in his own band (who didn't play tonight) and both Astana and Awaken Great City had him do some guest vocals in one of their songs... Which was fine, except for during AGC... simply because, I was right up on the stage, in the dead center, and when they handed him the mic he stood directly in front of me, and crouched down in the manner that screamers normally do, and was kind of screaming in my face, and I was trying my best to look at Makenzie (not that that's hard to do, she's beautiful...), but, seriously, he was screaming in my face... Kind of hard to ignore. But then he went away. So it was okay. I had no idea that he was going to be guesting for them, and if I had... maybe I'd have stood somewhere else.

Well, Andrew and I left after Awaken Great City's set and he took me home and here I am... The whole experience was really fun. Mostly because I got to see so many fabulous people that I love. But also because I really dig live music. All of it. I love it. I mean, the majority of the music I listen to is really good quality, indie-ish bands, but I do listen to hardcore on occasion, and I enjoy it, but more as a novelty. But, I particularly love hardcore shows, even though sometimes the music can be really bad and so many of the kids on that side of "the scene" are really disgustingly douchey and fake and live to fulfill some dead stereotype with their over-processed hair and their animal print and their face-metal. It's just that the passion and atmosphere at those shows is almost overpowering. It's such an experience, every time. It was nice to be there. I haven't been to a legit show like that in a while, I've been mostly getting my fix from outdoor house shows and party type things. And that's fun too, but the acoustics are never as good, the Florida heat and humidity is nearly unbearable and you just don't get that same intimate feeling that you get indoors. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway. I'm home now. I've been drinking lots of ice water and had to explain to my stepmom that no, Andrew and I are not romantically involved. She makes me laugh sometimes. She always asks that about my guy friends that come over. It just gets taxing after a while, because, to put it simply, I have a ton of guy friends. I have more guy friends than girl friends. However, I am closer to the few girl friends that I have than I am to my guy friends. If that makes sense. And I'm not even tomboyish or anything. I'm really one of the prissiest, most feminine girls you'll ever meet. I freak out about my hair constantly and I wear things with lots of lace and ruffles and I never leave the house without makeup. I just... happen to have more guy friends, somehow. Hahaha. I think it's because I find them easier to talk to. Girls sometimes intimidate me.

After I got home I received a really random "hey you" text from a boy I used to have a crush on. Let's call him, in the tradition of Posh Spice and Tastycake, Vanilla Ice. I'd explain why I chose that as his code name, but... I won't. Hahaha. Anyway we've been texting and he suggested we hang out soon, to which I enthusiastically said yes. So that's good and dandy and wonderful. I don't want to get any of your hopes up or give you the wrong idea though, we're just friends and it's most likely going to stay that way (but hey, I'm not psychic either...). But he is beautiful. And has the most well-rounded personality out of anyone I've ever met. Seriously. He's super intelligent, well-spoken, into photography (and is actually, legitimately good at it, and uses old-school film and I don't know why I find that so impressive), plays keyboard in a band, and plays soccer... He has like, the best of ALL worlds. That's why I had such a big crush on him. Because he's just like, an all around impressive guy.

I'm also texting Alison. I love her. Probably more than anyone. We just get each other on a level that is impossible to explain to anyone outside our little bubble of awkward love... She shares the little flaws and anxieties that I have that I thought no one else experienced... Gah. I get to see her tomorrow. She is lovely.

Well. I guess that's all for today. I'm going to go shower now and sort of wallow in my own happiness. Thanks for listening, as always.

P.S. Joey, I love Harry Potter.

Weight: 109.5
Twitter followers: 931
Why today is awesome: I have a bangover.


  1. sounds like you yet again had a pretty grand day! well, besides the whole being unable to ignore the intense screaming from posh spice, but minus that and it sounds great. for me, i'd probably be terribly unhappy going to that venue place thing with all the bands because it seems like it was extremely loud. i've never been to an actual concert in general, so i'm not aware of how loud it can be and such. but i'm going to one in august, so i'll see how that goes. xD but it seems like you enjoyed the bands there, as well as the people, so again, i'm glad you had a good time. :]
    so i'd also definitely go take your advice on the whole go to taco bell thing, but it's 11pm where i am and there is no taco bell even close to me, so sadly i cannot. sorry. D:
    also, it seems like a good majority of your life is surrounded by beautiful people. whenever you describe someone, you create an image as if they're gorgeous, which i'm sure they are. and you're extremely pretty too. and on top of that, most, if not all, people you've talked about all seem very nice too. you just pick the best people to be around or something. haha, but anyway, as always, i'm glad (i say that too much...) that you're a happy breebear. :]

  2. Oh my dear Lord. I'm all caught up! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, been a little distracted. Anyways, it's nice to see you're doing well. :) Also, I don't know how you did it. Standing up there on stage, lmao. Potato tacos? That sounds... interesting, to say the least. I'll hold back on judging any further until I actually try them, though. :P By the way, Vanilla Ice(I don't think you understand how cool I feel calling him that) ;) sounds pretty awesome. So do all of your other friends! :) Wooh, that was alllll scrambled. Have a nice night! <3

  3. woo virtual cookies made mt night/morning
    Andrew sounds really nice, and I really miss taco bell right now :) nachos belle grande use to be my life. no joke. I really think there should be a taco bell in Ireland. But enough on that
    oh wow, that gig thing, seems like something I'd love. you have a really good taste in music by the way. But I think you handled the situation really well, even if it was an awkward one (getting screamed in the face)
    I use to get along better with guys more then girls, but I think it's pretty evened out now :)
    I love the way your dress
    Alison sounds amazing, and I hope you do see her tomorrow :)
    I'm sorry if this comment is kind of crap. its 5:25am and I'm getting a little tired :)
    goodnight Breebear. Keep smiling:)

  4. Wow, I feel like you have such an interesting life.
    The most interesting thing that happened to me today was being locked in the bathroom and having my dad kick it down!
    I want to try potato taco's... i don't think I understand what they are!

    I love reading your blog.

    Have a good day ! :)
    ♥ Ashley

  5. ^ and by kick it down, i mean the door :P

  6. It sounds like you had an amazing day. I love Iive shows with all my heart (and the bangovers as well). You have really good taste in music, have you ever listened to La Dispute (from my hometown g-rap) because they are absolutely amazing. They're not "hardcore" persay but it's like they're screaming/singing poetry and their lyrics are beautiful. Anyways if the while awkward Pash Spice incident happened withme I'd start banging my head really hard to avoid eye contact haha. Mmmm haven't had taco bell in forever, it sounds so good right now.
    P.S I love Harry Potter also <3

  7. hahahaha you have great nickname skills.
    i'm afraid that i can't leave a long comment even though i really want to. but i'm honestly close to tears due to lack of sleep. my mum asks me about girls i mention because she thinks i'm dating them. my mum honestly asked me if i was going to marry someone who came round and spent like, four hours here. she was like "WOULD YOU MARRY HER IF SHE ASKED, JAMES?". good grief.
    i look forward to your next entry, and thank you for giving us entry to your private life. i think you're very brave and sweet. <3

  8. That sounds extremely fun! Does this venue have regular shows?
    Ah Poshspice face screaming. Does not sound fun.
    I have to admit I giggled at you saying that you're both good at pretending you don't see the other person. I know exactly what you mean.
    I get what you mean. Guys are just easier, and really, I always feel like I can be more loose around them. Girls are so much more judgmental if you're not really close.
    Have fun with Vanilla Ice