Friday, July 23, 2010


I was going to write you guys a super-long awesome entry, but currently I'm too frustrated and sleepy to really do that.

Yesterday Andrew told me that today we were going to hang out, and then go to Amy's for another Harry Potter night.

Then today he decided to blow me off and invite Posh Spice instead.

Because that's how things happen.

On top of that, I'm supposed to go see Inception with Amy and Vanilla Ice, but since I'm a fail at life who doesn't drive yet, I have no actual way of getting there. I was counting on being able to ask Andrew for a ride (and I was going to give him gas money, he lives like ten or fifteen minutes away and my house is out of the way but it's not as far as Amy would have to drive and I WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM GAS MONEY) but now apparently he doesn't want to go, for whatever reason.

So that's falling through, and now I probably won't get to see Amy tomorrow, and I haven't seen her in a week and it kills me because she's one of my best friends and one of the only people that understand anything and maybe I'm being overdramatic but GOSH.

I feel useless, and replaced, and left out, and useless, and lots of other pathetic adjectives like that.

Okay. Thanks for letting me vent guys. We'll be back to our usual peppy carefree content, hopefully tomorrow.

Why today is awesome: I'm watching Lord of the Rings, so.


  1. I love you Bree. You're not any of those things you said and i think you just feel replaced just because its posh spice. That's my two cents. You're a beautiful and tough person <3

  2. Hello,
    Well I may not know you but I really don't think that you are a useless person. I know how it feels to be replaced with someone else; but every think happens for a reason, so it's probly for the better. Well, I guess thats all I can think of to say.

  3. Awe, Bree I'm so sorry. D: Bottom line is people suck and don't let your happiness depend on them. You are none of those things; you are beautiful, strong, intelligent, and fun. And if you think Posh Spice could ever replace you then you're sadly mistaken. :) Trust me.

  4. It's totally not fair that you got blown off :/
    And it's such a shame you can't go see Inception, espeically with Vanilla Ice!

    The other day I was gonne tell the guy I've liked for a fair few months that I like him, and he wasn't at school, so when I got home I cried and bought a litre of ice cream and watched Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. I felt so much better afterwards :]

  5. :[ i'm sorry that you're plans died that day with hanging out with andrew and amy and such. i also really hope that your movie plans with vanilla ice and amy didn't die too. D:
    it would be grand if you still got to see amy, so i hope you did. she seems like such a great friend and would have really cheered you up if you got to see her. and if you didn't, well that just makes it more exciting when you do get to see her next time. so that's a good way to look at it. but anyway, you're still an amazing, beautiful, smart, and a great person, even if you didn't realize that at the moment when you posted this blog. but i hope you're feeling better now. <3