Sunday, August 1, 2010



Special thanks to Carolyn & Megan!

I skipped a day because the past two days I have been going, going, going, non-stop.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been interesting worth relaying to you in detail.

I cleaned out my room. And not just a general tidying up, I legitimately went through and cleaned out every nook and cranny of the place. The space under my bed and my olad chest of drawers is empty, and the only thing on my floor besides my bed is ten pairs of shoes and the six big plastic bags I crammed every article of clothing I own into. I took everything off the walls except the shelves, and the only part of the room I left untouched was my famous wall-of-books.

I went through all of my clothes as well, and put that I don't want/doesn't fit me right/never wear/etc. into a giant garbage bag, which I will take and sell to Plato's closet (a second-hand/consignment shop) tomorrow, and hopefully get some extra cash to help with the other renovation costs. I took inventory of everything, and listed it all on listography. And the list brought me to the conclusion that for fall/winter, I could use some new jeans/bottoms and and bras. I'll also need a new winter coat, and a couple hoodies. And I'd like a new pair of Oxfords.

Also yesterday, I cleaned my refrigerator. Which was even more intense than my room. I took the entire interior of the fridge apart- all the shelves and drawers and such- cleaned and sanitized everything thoroughly and individually, and made it all like new. And my fridge was a scary place beforehand. Lots of mysterious spills, possible life forms, and what was once an opened pack of individually wrapped apple slices. No joke guys, it was nasty. I took pictures of the experience.

So yeah, non stop intensity. Today was a chill day though. I didn't do anything particularly interesting, but I did make lots of interesting plans for the coming weeks, so, expect more interesting blogs!

Love you guys!


  1. Hey Bree
    I really look forward to seeing your room renovated!
    You should've filmed the process of cleaning and made a video too
    It would be interesting seeing how you transform kind of.. um. messy room.. haha

  2. cleaning hardcore and renovating is always fun. i feel like i want to do something new with my room, but i'm not fully inspired yet for that. i bet your room will turn out great once it's all over. also, once you sell your clothes to plato's cloest, you'll get some money to buy new and better clothes that fit. it will all work out. :]
    i can't wait to see what you've done with your room when it's all finished!