Monday, August 9, 2010


Thank you Carolyn (I watch Skins at various websites online), Megan, Sabrina (yes, I did mean you about the iHOP thing, TYPO.), Claire, Lisa, andS Alycia (iHOP is WONDERFUL).

Sorry I skipped another day yesterday, I was really, really exhausted. But I bought my paint yesterday and will be painting tomorrow!

Today I-

  • Woke up and had chocolate cheerios for breakfast.
  • Took a three hour nap.
  • Got picked up by Alison.
  • Waited with her in the parking lot of a Catholic church to meet up with some lady who she's selling an old textbook to.
  • Realized she forgot her Costco membership card.
  • Went to Wal-Mart
  • Saw animal placenta (yes, really) for sale in the shampoo & conditioner section
  • Found out that the plastic storage drawers I want for my room are 17 dollars each.
  • Got a bunch of school supplies for Alison.
  • Failed to find a pair of plain black tights.
  • Lurked around the whole grocery section with Alison, almost bought the supplies to make dirt cups, and then this chocolate fudge brownie thing, but ultimately decided against it since there's chocolate chip cookies in my kitchen.
  • Bought a frozen pizza, raisins, and butter.
  • Came home, ate said frozen pizza, and now my stomach is in pain.
  • Said goodbye to Alison, and got really sad even though I'm seeing her tomorrow.
  • Realized my wallet is still in Alison's purse.
  • Realized Alison left her recently developed photos on my bed.
  • Ate mint chocolate chip ice cream out of a teacup.
  • Decided I'd clean my bathroom tonight.
Alright, off for now. Goodnight guys!


  1. Sounds lovely, I've been eating so much lately, I know the feeling of a stomach-ache. But I really really want to eat mint chocolate chip icecream out of teacups now. Oh, and I'll have to go to Ihop then, there's one really close by.

  2. Okay so i've been on this website all day and i love the dresses! I thought you might too :)

  3. i think after getting a that list account thing, you seem to very much enjoy listing in general. or maybe you just did before that too.
    haha, anyway, sounds like you had a nice shopping/just looking around day with alison. and you had a such great ending to it. well, before the bathroom cleaning part. the ice cream part. mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favorites. i haven't had it since like, i don't even know. sometime back when school was still happening. so maybe may or june. that's way too long ago. so i hope you enjoyed that nummy ice cream!! :D