Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catch & Release

Hey! Big thanks to Anna and Sabrina. Especially Anna, your comment really made my day.

So it's almost nine o'clock, and I feel like putting today's blog into list form.

Things accomplished since my last blog entry:

  • Left Alison's house with a huge smile on my face.
  • Entered into a competition with my dad and stepmom to see who could get the best score on the Dante's Inferno quiz thing.
  • Got Level 2 of Hell on aforementioned quiz. My dad got level six, and my stepmom lucked out and went to Limbo, because she's a good person, unlike me and my dad.
  • Woke up this morning with the most hellish cramps EVER.
  • Did some yoga/workouts, and realized that my arms are getting really impressive.
  • Cleaned out my iTunes! I deleted over a thousand tracks that I don't listen to, made sure everything had proper album artwork, correct genres and release years on albums, etc. I feel cleansed and refreshed.

Now, I am just waiting around because my friend Ginger!Alison (not the same Alison from yesterday, but a different one, who is ginger) is spending the night at my house because I guess her house has a mold problem. Alright.

Also I have been spending an excessive amount of time lately listening to Stornoway. You should go check them out!

Anyway. That's all for now. I'm going to go clean the dried up blue toothpaste spit out of my sink, so that Ginger!Alison is not too traumatized by the disgrace-to-sanitation that is my house. She's never been here before, obviously.


  1. haha, i took that dante's inferno test thing and got to limbo, like your stepmom did. then i made my boyfriend took it and he got to the 6th layer. xD
    i could never clean my itunes. i don't know. it's just like, i enjoy having songs on it that i won't/don't listen to. i guess it's a waste of space. maybe someday i'll clean it out...
    also, i hope you and ginger!alison have a good time with your sleepover. haha, maybe your now clean fridge will also make a good impression on her; that was lucky that you cleaned it out already. but anyway, have fun. :]

  2. I got to the purgatory. Hahaha. I sound so goody two shoes over here :x and I started cleaning out my itunes the other day too. So many songs I don't even like anymore on there. Geez.

  3. stornoway! i love stornoway.
    i hope you had(? not sure what time it is where you are now, i'm from england xD) a good time with ginger!alison :)

  4. i have discovered that you have fantastic taste when it comes to music. i'm now hooked on lydia... i've listened to "a place near the city" at least a hundred times today. and i'm about to go check out stornoway!

    sorry for being such a stalker... i love the way you think and write about everything in such an entertaining and sometimes extremely poetic way.
    go be a writer. right now.