Monday, August 2, 2010


Please disregard the completely irrelevant blog title. I am currently typing this via Alison's laptop; I am sitting on her bed while she writes a letter to Michelle (who is still at camp).

Today was surprisingly productive and fun. I woke up at ten thirty, took a much needed shower, made some french toast (which was amazing) and took a four hour nap. I'm impressive.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, and when I answered, I was treated to Alison's beautiful voice, telling me she would be on her way to my house soon.

Alison came over and we looked at all of Ally (of FTFK)'s Facebook pictures and felt really really bad about ourselves, because we don't have boyfriends to take disgustingly cute pictures with, and we, in general, suck at life. After this, I got out of my pajamas (at five o'clock in the afternoon, of course) and we made our way to Plato's Closet to sell off that giant bag of clothing I recently amassed while cleaning out my room. We managed to wait in the store for a good thirty minutes while the sales-girl inspected my items without any major temptation to spend our non-existent money. I got thirty dollars from the sale, which is the most money I've seen in months, hah. They didn't take alot of my clothes though, namely this fluffy and really expensive Hollister parka I wore last winter. But still. Thirty bucks. Success.

We then wandered around Joann's fabrics, because Alison said she needed something from there but couldn't remember what. Posh Spice's mom works there, so I texted her to see if she was working today and if I could say hi. She wasn't. I was sad. But there were lots of fun cake decorating and cupcake supplies to look at! We left empty-handed, but that was okay.

We stopped at Walgreen's so that Alison could drop off some film (I love her and her analog-y goodness) and then at Albertson's so that I could use the Coinstar machine- which made me another ten dollars. I'm bankin' today. Obviously.

I'll take this moment to note what an awesome driver Alison is. While attempting to enter the Walgreen's parking lot, we went in through the side entrance, which was marked with an upside-down "DO NOT ENTER" sign... Sketch. And then we were parking in the Albertson's parking lot, she didn't quite make it all the way into the proper space... There was also a creepy old man. While leaving we completely cut across the parking lot in the most ridiculous diagonal way possible.

Then we came back to Alison's house and gorged ourselves on Sloppy Joes and chocolate chip muffins. Because we're gross. And now... here we are.

We also made plans for Alison to come with me next time I spend a weekend at my mom's. I think it'll be a good experience for both of us to get out of the suburbs.

Now Alison is being cute, laying across the foot of the bed watching The Suite Life on Deck. I really love her. A lot. I'm going to join her now.

Thanks for reading, y'all!


  1. i just thought you should know:

    1. you're very cool for writing so consistantly. i've read every single blog post (stalker much? haha) and think you're fantastic and completely hilarious. you could deff be a writer or something like that because you've got me hooked on your blog posts (:

    2. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. and i think you're really awesome for being obsessed too, it makes me feel like i could totally bond with you (lame? probably). i always feel close to people that are super into him like i am... haha.

    3. the fact that you've mentioned issues with eating on here really impressed me. i have them too and have never once thought about talking to someone until you talked about it and said that people really do need to get help for it. i feel like maybe sometime soon i can hopefully take that step, it's just really really hard to talk to people about. so i respect you and admire the fact that you were able to do that.

    4. please keep blogging forever and ever. you're a really cool person and i wish i knew you for real! <3

  2. french toast is amazing. always.
    thirty dollars is grand! and that with the other money you made also is an even bigger success. now with that money you can buy some fun stuff and treat yourself to something nice. like, maybe some new clothes or something. whatever you end up using the money for will be great, though.
    haha, the whole driving experience seems pretty fun. xD i want to be able to take a ride with your friend driving now. well, if you took away the creep man part then i would.
    & i'm happy with you ending this blog with the suite life of deck. it's one of the only shows on disney channel that i still enjoy.