Monday, August 23, 2010



Okay so. Today I rolled out of bed to a quiet household, for the first time in God knows how long. My little sister, Felicity, started first grade today! And many of my friends returned to school as well. Which means until I find a job, I'll be spending lots of quiet time at home.

Alison stopped by after her day at school, and together we enjoyed freshly baked cookies and grilled cheese and coffee while she told me all about the horrors of public high school. I thought I would feel left out, originally, because this year should be my senior year and all, and everyone is going back without me, but strangely enough, I didn't. It felt so good to spend my morning Skyping and watching Skins with Ally.

Then Alison and I watched MORE Skins, because she's still working her way through series 2.

After she left I felt really sad.

Also the attractive waiter from Carlos & Charlie's (whose name is Anthony) texted her. My excitement for my best friend cannot be kept quiet.

I had to babysit Felicity tonight while my parents took Diesel to his training class. Fun stuff. I also watched Driving Lessons. It didn't quite live up to my ridiculously high expectations for it, but I loved it nonetheless. It's a coming-of-age story, and it's worth watching. Rupert Grint is adorable and perfect, etc.

I can't wait to watch Degrassi tonight and go to sleep, you have no idea. Also, I've been doing these exercises to help tone my back lately (in addition to my regular routine) and I feel absolutely destroyed afterwards, so I think they're working.


  1. hi bree,
    WOW, I LITERALLY COMMENTED ON THE LAST POST 4 MINUTES BEFORE YOU POSTED THIS ONE. my mind was sorta blown to know we were online at the same time.

    enough of my nerdiness.

    it must suck that alot of your friends are at school, but now is the time to live it up! make us folk who are still in school believe their is something worth believing in after high school :D
    also, i really need to watch skins. that's all anyone talks about and i've never even seen and episode, hahaha.
    like that was really the reason i stayed in tonight and i didn't even watch it. fail? yes.

  2. I love how you love to bake! and also, I love to see pictures sometimes too :') so tasty looking.
    I love skins D; my friend is an extra in the new episodes, and she had to be in a crowd at a concert as part of a scene. so cool
    I miss Degrassi ;( soo bad <3

  3. i havent commented in so long D: im sorry.
    but just so you know, i actually really enjoy reading your daily blogs, bree.
    lol that wasnt creepy at all....
    ok bye <3

  4. somewhere in that you said you ate a grilled cheese. THOSE ARE THE BEST EVER. okay, maybe not. but i adore them. i just wanted to point that out. xD
    but wow. it just must be so weird to be graduated from school while most of your friends are still going. but i bet you'll be able to keep yourself busy and do fun stuff. or perhaps sometime you'll obtain a job and that will help too. it'll all be great. :]