Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Birch

Hello blog readers!

It's eight thirty, and I am writing this to you from the comfort of my bed.

Last night was so much fun. Amy and I stayed up until four in the morning, alternating between watching Skins and Supernatural, with healthy doses of Facebook creeping and fun video making thrown in for good measure.

When we woke up this morning (or rather, this afternoon) I cooked up a glorious breakfast for the two of us, consisting of pancakes and lots and lots of maple syrup. We washed it all down with more Skins and cold milk, and when we had to say our goodbyes at four o'clock, my heart broke a little.

Beyond that, today has been really uneventful. Shortly after Amy left I mixed together egg yolk and olive oil and put in my hair to try and help with the dryness. It helped. And then I trimmed off my dead ends, they'd gotten so out of control.

I watched more Skins (I'm now on episode eight of season three) and I think the friendship between Emily and JJ rivals that of Cassie and Chris in cuteness and perfection. Cook, even though he's a huge jerk, is really entertaining to watch, and Effy is just so gorgeous and enigmatic and Freddie has the best collarbones ever.

I also love the relationship between Emily and Naomi, I think the writers of this show did such a good job with it. It feels very real and very honest, and it's rare to see a teen drama show pull it off without making it stereotypical or sugar-coated (oh, hello there Degrassi, South of Nowhere, and everything on the CW and MTV!). I think Emily is the sweetest, cutest little thing (girl crush!) and Naomi's character is perfect. And I appreciate that the fact that they both deal with their sexuality in different ways; Emily fears facing her sister and her family, and Naomi fears facing herself.

I adore Thomas and I think he's wonderfully sweet. And Pandora... When I first started season three, I thought Pandora was going to be just this flat side-kick character for Effy, the awkward and childish comic relief with no real depth, but it's nice to see her with her own storyline, and this whole other side to her (in reference the whole Cook-Pandora-Thomas triangle).

Okay. Enough Skins ranting and raving.

I got a present from my Nana today! A new cupcake cookbook (Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack) and an icing syringe with decorating tips. I find icing syringes a little frustrating to work with, I'm used to the old fashioned decorating bags, but I guess I could practice with it, and hey, new tips!

I also got the new Seventeen magazine in yesterday. I'm happy about Katy Perry being on the cover- maybe it's just because she resembles the trashier, more mainstream version of Zooey Deschanel, but there's something I really like about her (plus, "California Girls" is so darn catchy), and I thought her interview was really cute.

For those of you that also get Seventeen, I just want you to know that I would like to own EVERYTHING on pages 52 & 54.

Okay guys. I'm getting sleepy. See you tomorrow!


  1. Cassie & chris did have the cutest friendship everrr<3 & i was extremely said that the series ended with chris dieing because he was a cutie & kinda a perv but he was a character you came to love and just adore!

  2. Freddie is so unfff. Just wait until you get to season 4... everything just goes completely crazy. Season 3 is a lot nicer and happier.
    Cook is definitely a dick but I love him. I love Emily and Naomi as well, and they're relationship is really special. The writers did an amazing job there.
    And I love Pandora! <3

  3. WHY MUST YOU MENTION CHRIS. </3 heart = dead. how dare you continue watching without me.....
    i love you forever.

  4. i've only seen skins once or twice. i feel so uncool and out of the loop, it's unreal.
    i love how you love to bake, i quite enjoy cake making and whatnot too :)

  5. sounds like you had a grand time with amy, as usual. :] i bet that breakfast was simply amazing! pancakes are my favorite. one of my dreams is to someday go to ihop, since i've never been there. sadly there is no ihop close to where i live. boo, life.
    you make skins seem like such an amazing show. but i don't think i'd ever be able to catch up with all the episodes. i'll just stick to reading what you write about it. if i weren't so damn lazy, maybe i'd watch it.
    zooey deschanel and katy perry look very much alike. i enjoy it, yet it also makes me jealous of how they're both so beautiful, and i am not either of them. except i'll just deal with it. xD when i first watched yes man with my boyfriend, he was trying to tell me that the girl was katy perry. i had to argue with him for a good couple minutes that it was really zooey and not katy. xD

  6. I'm sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I've read every post, I'm just mega lame. Skins is pretty much life, there's no doubt about it. My favorites are Cassie, Effy, Chris, and Maxxie.

  7. Oh, and I got a listography becausenod you/ stole your "gross things I eat everyday" idea. :] I love it so much, I love reading your lists almost as much as I enjoy making mine.