Wednesday, August 18, 2010


But I have a valid explanation.

Monday morning, I was woken up at six in the morning, and treated to a six hour car ride all around Florida, basically, because my stepfather was looking into airboats for purchase. True story. This actually happens.

After that I was dropped off at my house, where I set up my new desk and new drawers and then fell asleep and stayed asleep for sixteen hours. This actually happens.

Then I woke up this morning, ate some apples and Ritz crackers, took my new pre-natals, which made me kind of sick, talked to my stepmom about how I'm going to have to start seeing a counselor for my SAD (social anxiety disorder, but I think the acronym is wonderfully appropriate), and dyed my hair with a wonderful box of Garnier Fructis's "Raspberry Truffle" which I bought partly because the woman on the box was gorgeous, and partly because the name sounded like something I wanted to eat. It turned out nicely, by the way. It's a deep, dark brown, almost black, with a reddish tint to it. It's also very shiny. I LOVE IT.

I also took down my bottom bookshelf which made space for the new bed frame I'm going to get. And then my dad and I cleared out my old desk, which was like built into my closet? There's still a big wooden shelf thing hanging in there that makes it impossible to hang clothes, but we're going to figure out how to take it out. SO YEAH. MORE ROOM PROGRESS. THIS IS SO FUN.

I also watched An Education and Mysterious Skin today. AND I WILL GIVE YOU MY THOUGHTS ON BOTH.

An Education was lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. It made me wish that I lived in that time period and place (1940's post-war England), with all the clothes and the haircuts and ACK. Carey Mulligan is gorgeous and I thought she did wonderfully. And I fell in love with Peter Sarsgaard, even though he is too old for me. Which means he played his part well- an exceptionally charming middle aged man who is capable of seducing a 17-year-old girl. GOOD JOB PETER. YOU SUCCEED. I fell in love with both of them. The story itself was timeless, and I thought it was executed beautifully.

As for Mysterious Skin... perhaps I am biased, as an eternal lover of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I thought it was great. It was tough to watch at times (the bathtub scene is right up there with "American History X"'s curbstomping, if it's not worse due to the longevity of it), but it definitely struck something deep and emotional. I loved the fact that there were two sides to it, how it showed the two boys dealing with it in opposite ways. And what I really, really loved was that Joseph's character Neil's homosexuality wasn't portrayed as a result of the abuse he suffered as a kid, it was shown as something that was just another factor in how he reacted to it.

ANYWAY GO WATCH BOTH. But only watch Mysterious Skin if you're feeling brave. It's not for the faint-hearted. And don't watch it with your parents.

Anyway, I also had a fun little TinyChat experience with some kids from Tumblr. It was grand.

BIG THANKS ALL AROUND TOOOO: Kaelin, Claire, Alycia, and Sabrina. You guys are the sweetest. Ever./


  1. yay for tinychat chats!! :) the way you described your hair color sounds juuust like mine. i bet you look great! ive decided to get into skins. youve made me want to watch it so much. plus im in love with jgl <3 <3

  2. sixteen hours of sleep? goodness. you must have been really tired and worn out from your whole previous days.
    SAD? i've never heard of that until just now. i feel like i could be a candidate for having that too, but i'm unsure since i really don't know all too much about it yet. perhaps i'll look into it. maybe.
    your hair sounds gorgeous. i want that color to be on my head. xD well, i already have natural redish tints to my hair, but i would love for my hair to be darker. i plan on dying it before i go back to school. :]
    & you made me want to watch both an education and mysterious skin. i really do. once i come across those programs, i will watch it and it will be lovely.