Monday, August 16, 2010

I caught the sun on my way home

Oh, hello there.

I'm writing this from my little sister's bed. It's 1:45 AM, and it's technically Monday, the day I'm supposed to be returning to my dad's house.

But today, Sunday, was a long, eventful, fun day.

I woke up at noon, got ready, and went with my mother and stepdad to my stepdad's parents house (I call them Nan-nan and Papaw. So when you you see those two names in this blog, that's who I'm referring to.) When we got there I got to see my cousin Ryan and my little brother Joshua for the first time in ages. Joshua had been staying with Nan-nan and Papaw the whole weekend I've been here, and my other two sisters, Emily and Danielle, have been visiting their biological dad. Just after that, me and my mom and Nan-nan went to Wal-Mart, and got a few things. I restocked on pre-natal vitamins, got some hair dye (but I'm going to get a second box tomorrow just in case one box isn't enough to cover all my hair) and some drawers for my room! (Also, my mother is giving me a desk that she doesn't want any more. So that knocks a couple things off my list.)

But the best part of it all was going back to Nan-nan's trailer, and sitting with my mom and her on the couch, and just talking for three hours about everything. It was mostly the two of them talking about their marriages and mistakes in relationships and such... Basically both of them married assholes. And the whole conversation made me lose my faith in relationships and marriages and the like that much more. I just don't want that for myself. And I know I'm young and "will probably change my mind" and stuff but... I can't shake the feeling that there's no such thing as together forever, real love. Someone is always going to be unhappy.

I also got to go to Denny's at eleven at night, which is why I'm writing this so late. I had two chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and pie... Therefore, as soon as I get back home, I'm reinstating a healthy eating plan. I'm not going to go crazy (like I said, never going back to that) but I do plan on eating like 1,200 calories a day and eating less chocolate and junk food and exercising more than I have been. And I'll start keeping track of my weight again. I'm guessing I've gained about five pounds...? So that would make me 115. Which isn't terrible, obviously, but not ideal.

I'm so sleepy. I have to make the drive home tomorrow morning. I plan on sleeping the entire way though, so.

Love you guys.


  1. that sounds like a pretty eventful day :) I love the way you've been doing up your room. I really need to do the same too!
    what colour are you dying your hair?
    I'm not sure about relationships either. I know i'm still young also, but it seems like people find it so hard now-a-days to stay together and be content. But on the other hand, I also am looking forward to falling in love and making it work. Well, at least trying with everything i've got in me.
    mmm food sounds so good right now.
    you're beautiful Bree. Regardless of your weight

  2. stornoway lyrics in the title!
    i'm glad you had a fun couple of days :]

  3. - I'm glad you had fun.
    - I'm dying my hair again like usual also. My hair is going to be so damaged by the time I'm 20.
    - I used to not believe in love because relationships around me always crumbled but I have complete faith that love does exist, people are just blind. I know I will find someone and so will you Bree.
    - You are beautiful as is, promise you won't fall into old habits.

  4. that's cool how your trip ending up also helping out stuff for your room as well as you just getting to enjoy yourself back there. so sounds like it was an overall successful and relaxing trip. :]
    i wish i could give you some more faith, even if it is just a little, that maybe true love really does exist. but i'm just a teenager like you, except a year younger, so my experiences with love and what i believe may not be as meaningful since i'm still not as experienced with all that stuff. but either way, weather you believe in true love or not, i still hope that maybe someone will come into your life and one day perhaps prove you wrong. maybe that just sounds like a happily ever after fairy tale relationship, but still. i wish for the best to happen for you in life, including happiness and love. <3