Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi readers.

As I write this, I feel like my head is going to implode.

Really. It's like my brain cells are individually fizzling out, one by one.

Here's a run down of the past twenty-four hours.

Last night after I wrote my blog entry I ordered this dress from Urban Outfitters, thanks to my awesome mother. She also agreed to order another item of clothing for me by the end of this week, which is really appreciated. I'm really, really excited about that. I love new clothes.

This morning, I got up extremely early and watched the last two episodes of season four of Skins. I had to keep pausing to sob. I won't say much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone but... wow.

After that, I had breakfast and showered and such, and made a batch of chocolate cupcakes. With strawberry frosting. And sprinkles. They were probably the most beautiful cupcakes I'd ever seen.

An hour later, Amy came over and we started preparing my room for the painting process (taking down books from the shelves and such), and Ky- I mean, Vanilla Ice, joined us and we started painting. And Alison came later and it was so much fun. I wouldn't have gotten it done without them! Unfortunately, Amy and Vanilla Ice had to leave early, so it was me and Alison left to finish the final two walls... And if you've read my blog before, you are probably aware of how useless we are together.

It was a struggle. But we did as much as we could, except for a small bit on the top of the wall where my ceiling is raised (cathedral ceilings) and neither of us could reach. But my stepmom or somebody can do that.

After a few hours of being shut in my bedroom, the paint fumes started to really affect us. We started getting super loopy, laughing uncontrollably at things that weren't at all funny, and getting these terrible headaches (which I am currently still suffering from). But somehow, it made it that much more fun.

But, Alison left, and now I am on the couch, happy that I saw these wonderful people today and got my room painted, but in pain. So see you tomorrow!


  1. I.want.that.dress. You have no idea. It's so adorable. Anyways, I cried at the end of series four too so no worries. ;)
    Yay for spending time with ky-tastycakes!
    By the way, this is Alycia- the obnoxious girl that always seems to comment first. I decided to use my blog again (which I haven't used in two months and needs some major revisions) so it might change the name I post this as.

  2. hi bree!
    i know the feeling of having your brain cells depleting. not fun.
    & the dress is nice, i couldn't really imagine myself wearing it but i'm sure you'll look great in it.
    also, PLEASE post pictures of your room when it's done. i really want to see it :D
    i also thought i'd let you know that i took some inspiration from you and dyed my hair a very dark brown with a reddish tint. i still think it looks better on you, but i'm in love with it. (:
    hope your headache goes away!
    lots of love,

  3. that is an adorable dress! very good choice. :D
    i hate headaches. i get them so much. they're really painful to the point where i need to just cry from the pain. so maybe they're more like migraines? i don't know. but point is, i hope you're headache wasn't that bad and that i hope you don't suffer getting anymore!
    but painting a room seems like a very difficult task. i've never done it, but two of my friends had and they said it took them 3 days to finish it all up. so it's good that you got some handy dandy friends who were willing to help you out. even if you don't always work well with one of them. xD

  4. hey bree.
    i feel like such a lame commenter, everybody elses comments are so much more interesting xD
    that dress is gorgeous!
    your room sounds so nice, i saw your ftfk video and the blue looked lovely jubbly. also, in the video you mentioned vanilla ice's name ;D i sound like a stalker hahaha.