Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cinnabon and reunions

Hello blog readers! Special thanks and appreciation for Hannah and Sabrina!

So today started off like any other day. I woke up at eleven thirty, after some horrible nightmares about an ex-boyfriend of mine, stumbled out of bed to eat some apple slices and drink tea, and watched Peter Pan.

After dinner (I made cheese raviolis and garlic bread) Michelle swung by. Her time working as a summer camp counselor is coming to an end, and she had the night off. She marveled at my new room, I pulled some clothes out of the pile on my floor, and off we went.

We drove to the mall, and looked at really expensive but totally adorable boat shoes in Dillards. Then we ran into Amy and JJ, which was really exciting, so we spent some time with them. But they had to leave shortly afterwards because Amy is back in school. But we met up with Michelle's friend (but possibly more?) from camp, Colt, and got Chinese food and a Cinnabun in the food court. It was delicious. We then lurked around Barnes and Noble, and I saw several cookbooks that I wanted. So if any of you want to buy me a Christmas present... haha. But Michelle bought a Bible, and we left.

We made a very successful Target stop. I got a mirror for my room, a new cardigan, new tights, and Alison's birthday present. And some Mentos. Because Mentos are delicious. After that I went over to Michelle's house and we worked on Alison's card and then I went home.

And now, here I am, waiting to watch the new Degrassi.

Warning, Degrassi rant ahead. Non-Degrassi fans can go ahead and skip this next paragraph.

I have to say, although I will always watch Degrassi out of tradition and obligation (this series has been with me since middle school!), this series just isn't doing it for me. I think all the good storytelling and directing and intensity is put into the promos. They're starting to reuse plot lines... We've seen pregnancy/pregnancy scares/teen parenthood four times now (Manny and Emma and Mia and now Jenna) and Super Scary Internet Predators three times (Emma and Darcy and now Connor) and Fiona's abusive relationship plot has been done before (Terri, duh!). I guess the writers make sure to put unique spins on each storyline to make sure they're not all the same, and I know there's only so many teen issues you can use, but still... I feel like old Degrassi was much more inventive. I mean, remember JT's penis pump? Gah. Frustration. Maybe I'm just spoiled from watching so much Skins. Darn those Brits and their superior teen dramas. Anyway, I miss Marco, Ellie, Alex, Craig, and JT. And Bianca is totally NOT the new Alex, like everyone likes to say, even if they think they look similar, which they totally don't (just because they are both Hispanic females does not make them alike). Sure, they're both a bitchy and rebellious, but at least Alex had a brain. And Bianca is obviously a homophobe (or a transgenderphobe? I don't know the proper terminology here), and Alex was... a lesbian. Oh.

Anyway. I'm off for the night. Thanks for listening guys.

Weight: 114.2 (not as bad as I thought it would be, but we definitely have work to do)

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  1. waking up to a nightmare doesn't sound so grand. i hardly ever get those, but when i do, they're awful. :/ so sorry about that. i hope you have better dreams later on.
    oh, and if i were to ever come across any good cookbooks that you'd enjoy, i'd totally send them to you! except i don't have your address, and it'd probably be really weird for you to give it out to just some girl who comments on your blog a lot. so yeah. xD
    also, i feel really bad about just skipping your whole degrassi paragraph, but since i don't watch the shows, i just wouldn't understand it. i feel like i should start watching since everyone seems to be in love with it, but there's just too much to catch up on. D: