Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attractive waiters and self discovery

So sorry for skipping yet another day last night, but I wasn't at home, obviously.

Last night had to be one of the funnest nights of my summer. In celebration of Alison's birthday, I went out with Alison, Bianca, and Amy and had a really amazing time.

I got all dressed up, cute dress and heels, pretty makeup and hair (which sadly got killed by the Florida humidity) and Alison came and picked me up, and we met the other two girls at Bianca's house. After making ourselves look as attractive as possible, we went to this restaurant called Carlos and Charlie's. It's a nice enough place, the atmosphere is really really fun, there's dancing and a bar, and really, really good Mexican food, but the highlight of the whole experience is the super attractive waiters. Our waiter's name was "Craigilicious" and he was so much fun.

The greatest thing was that Craigilicious and this other (even more attractive) waiter would always stop and talk to us and joke with us and they were really funny and nice. The more attractive one knew Bianca and Alison by name because they go there so much. BUT THE BEST PART was when the attractive waiter came over to our table and was like, "Do you girls like to party?" and we were just like, "uh........" and he goes on to tell us how he's having a house party next week and he invited us to come and had us all write our numbers on this piece of paper and just SINCE WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN IN MY LIFE?! And I know to you guys this whole situation probably sounds extremely sketchy, but, he was super nice, he's nineteen, a college student, and just. Gah. I can't even.

But beyond the super attractive and charismatic waiters, the food was really delicious and the company was awesome. I split some cheese enchiladas with Amy, and they were superb. Then, since it was Alison's birthday, all the waiters came over banging these big drums and they were all, "IT'S ALISON'S BIRTHDAY, SHE'S LEGAL! LET'S SING TO HER!" and they brought her a cute little cupcake. And then the one waiter gave her a cranberry juice "shot". And she kept the shot glass. Because we're wonderful people.

The whole thing was concluded with this amazingly delicious chocolate marquis with vanilla ice cream. Oh my god. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever tasted in my life.

Amy had to leave early, which made me sad. But the car ride back to Bianca's with Bianca and Alison was filled with squeals of delight and complaints about having to pee. We got back to Bianca's and we laid on her bed for hours and just talked, about pretty much everything. We discussed one topic in particular in great length, about a certain person who has negative influence on our lives and the effect it's had... And when I was trying to fall asleep that night (which was difficult due to the presence of a "decrepit camera hand" outside of Bianca's window) I just thought to myself, "Hey, why is this person still in my life if it only makes me feel bad?"

I fell asleep and had a bad dream about my stepmom turning crazy evil.

When we woke up this morning, we gorged ourselves on waffles and banana bread and strawberry Pop-Tart. And we did lots more talking, in particular about Posh Spice, and how he's so completely out of my life now... And how amazing that is, and what a great effect it's had on me as a person. It made me realize how thankful I am for how things turned out, and how much happier I am with myself now, and what a terrible friend/boyfriend he really was, and I REALLY DON'T NEED HIM AFTER ALL YAYYYY.

Then Alison drove me home, and I came home to an empty house, which is the best feeling, and I wrote this blog entry. Because I am happy.

I love you guys, a lot.


  1. hi bree!
    that restaurant sounded like so much fun. i wish they had them near me, haha.
    let me just say AGAIN how extremely jealous of your life i am. i hope when i'm your age i'll be doing things as awesome as you (:
    oh, and by the way, you dyed your hair the same color as me a few days after i did. weird, huh?

  2. that sounds like something out of a book! wow, so much funnnnn!
    wonderful stuff (:

  3. Oh Bree,
    c: your stories always make me smile.
    I went to a tennis dinner, in which we had a birthday cake for me, a watermelon eating contest- i lost. badly. and then played queen lola for two and n a half hours.
    queen lola is our version of queen of the court.
    i had a grand night!
    i hope you continue to have exciting adventures.

  4. Bree!
    you have such an amazing life.
    i love reading your blog entries too, because i'm sure every teenage girl can relate to them.
    you better never give up blogging, even when you're 60.
    Olivia x

  5. woah. that place you went to. i want to go. well, maybe when i'm at least a year older so i'll be your current age when i go. how you described the whole experience makes me think that i'd need to be a tad bit older to be there. xD but that just sounds like such a good night and everything. if you do ever end up going to that waiter guy's party, i hope you be careful and get details about stuff first!
    & i'm glad you're so happy now and moved on from the whole posh spice part of your life. i think you've really grow to be such a more happy person now since he's been out of your life. so just remember, everything always turns out for the better. :]