Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know, I know, I know.

You all hate me right now.
And that's perfectly understandable. I've been a terrible blogger, as of late. I've been a terrible YouTuber, as well. I've just been a terrible "internet personality" (to use my dad's word for it) all around lately and I take full responsibility for it. I think the anticipation of facing you guys has made it worse, like "oh, I've been gone so long, how do I even begin..?" sort of thing.

I promise I'm not going to run around making terrible excuses like "I've been busy!" or anything like that. Because honestly I'm not any more busy than I've ever been. I'd say it's more of an issue of distraction. There's been a lot going on!

The past few weeks or so I've
  • spent unhealthy amounts of time on Amy's couch watching Supernatural
  • spent unhealthy amounts of time on Tumblr
  • had Vanilla Ice re-enter my life
  • started regularly seeing a therapist. Her name is Vicky, and she's wonderful. I'm so glad I got up the nerve to start seeing her, she's really helpful.
  • been reading a lot of books on eating disorders and such, as per Vicky's recommendation. Also very helpful.
  • become the official baker of my friends' band, Bring Forth The Attack
  • had my mom total my car while she was driving it without permission. She was texting at the wheel. She's fine, but my car is destroyed beyond repair and I'm basically screwed for college and she's run off and it's all really dramatic and I don't have a car anymore.
  • let my weight creep up to 115 pounds, but got back on top of it and now I'm down to a tidy 108.
  • shamelessly acquired the new Taylor Swift album, and it may or may not have been on repeat for the past three days.
So yeah, I think you're pretty much up to speed now.


  1. I am still your forever dedicated blog reader, no matter how creepy that may appear. I honestly think in real life we would be friends, or at least I would try to be friends with you even if you didn't want to be haha. You are so lovely and I'm glad you are seeing a therapist, you've inspired me to start seeing one again although I am rather nervous. I hope things continue to get better for you Bree. :)
    And by the way, I absolutely adore the new T-Swift c.d as well.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new tayswift album too, and it's been on repeat for me as well :))

    this is just a curiosity kinda question, but i know in some of your old blog posts, you talked about degrassi.. do you still watch it? 'cause i'm still obsessed :)