Saturday, October 2, 2010

BEDO attempt #2.

Okay so. I know I haven't been the most reliable with the blog posts lately. I KNOW. It's just that once you get out of the swing of things, it's very hard to get back into it.

So I guess I came back to my dad's house on Thursday. And then yesterday around five o'clock in the afternoon, my dad dropped me off at the mall, and I wandered around there for about an hour waiting on Amy. It was overcrowded with 14 year old scene kids. I spent the majority of my time in the bookstore, and I found out there's actually a Harry Potter cook book? Do want.

Finally, Amy arrived, with our dear friend Tyler in tow. We drove back to Amy and Tyler's cul de sac blasting Lil Wayne, and then Amy and I proceeded to watch a couple episodes of Supernatural with her momma. It was lovely.

Around nine o'clock JJ was in Amy's driveway, and we got in her car and went on an adventure. On our adventure, we got pulled over for speeding (50 in a 35 mile per hour zone...). But we were extra screwed because JJ's tag was wrong, and she didn't have her license on her. After JJ gave the cop the registration and gave him her full name and birth date so that he could confirm that she did have a valid driver's license, we had to sit in the car for what seemed like forever, and JJ was on the verge of a panic attack.

Finally the cop told JJ to step out of the car, via his megaphone. Of course Amy and I assumed this meant the worst, that she was going to get arrested or something. Amy and I waited inside the car, watching. To our pleasant surprise, she didn't get handcuffed. When JJ got back in the car, she was laughing. Apparently the cop informed her that he could have written her three different tickets. The first option, he said, was that he could give her a 200 and something dollar speeding ticket. The second, was that she'd get a 100 and something dollar fine PLUS go to jail for not having the right tag. But, much to JJ's relief, instead he was going to give her a 100-dollar ticket for not having her license on her, but told her that if she went to the DMV and presented the ticket and got a new license, she'd only have to pay 15.

Words cannot express how relieved and happy we were.

JJ spent the rest of the drive swearing up and down she'd never speed again.

We reached our destination shortly afterwards- a party at JJ's friend Zac's house. When we first got there there weren't many people. But by the time we had to leave at 2 AM, it was packed. It was really fun, looking back. There were so many wonderful people there from parties past, including Aria (the Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike), Chelsea (the photographer), Ally (the greatest person I have ever met), and Bryan (just wonderful). I also met a whole slew of new wonderful people as well, which is always my favorite. Then of course, JJ was being absolutely insane and Amy provided us with snarky comments throughout the night, and I was just in love with everyone, dancing with Bryan and photo bombing with Aria and just general wonderfulness. It was one of those nights where it felt good to be alive.

I also told this girl Taylor (who I've met a couple of times before but never actually talked to) about Alison and I's pancake cake. I think it changed her life.

Then of course, JJ drove Amy and I back to Amy's house, where we ate cookies and cheezits and watched Titanic.

When we woke up this morning Amy had a doctor's appointment (because she's itchy) so I went with her to that. We had to wait in the little examination room for an hour because I guess they got backed up, so by the time the doctor came in, we were jamming out to Usher on Amy's phone and coloring and eating starbursts and causing general mayhem.

After he wrote her prescription, we went to Walgreen's to drop it off, and we discovered that there was 3 for 5 deal on ice cream... so we bought three pints of Blue Bell ("Great Divide", mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough), and went home and gorged ourselves on chicken and ice cream, while watching more Supernatural of course.

And then she drove me home, and here I am. Miserable and sick and wishing I were still with Amy and wishing I were at JJ's because there's another party going on tonight and wishing that my dad weren't such a jerk sometimes and wishing that I could magically lose ten pounds.

But it's all good, because I have awesome new tagged photos on my Facebook now.

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