Thursday, October 7, 2010

Milk of Magnesia is gross.

Wow okay. Fail.

So last night I was at the mall with my friend Daniella for the first time in forever, trying to find her some new shoes and a new sweater (she just got her financial aid and wanted to celebrate). At one point we were in Charlotte Russe trying on shoes, and the manager was assisting us. This girl was so pretty and nice and really funny, and somehow it was easy to open up in front of her. It must've helped having Daniella there.

At one point I told her that I really liked her boots and she asked if I'd like a pair to try on. I told her how I was currently unemployed and in no position to buy new boots. AND THEN SHE ASKED ME TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION.

Obviously I got really excited and said sure because Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite stores, and any sort of job would be wonderful, let alone one where I could wear my own clothes.

But then of course, she asked my least favorite question in the entire world.

"How old are you though?"

And obviously I couldn't lie, so I told her I was seventeen, but I mentioned that I do have a high school diploma, but she said they didn't make exceptions but she was also like, "I would love to hire you though, you're adorable and dress cute and seem really bubbly. Come back when you're eighteen and you have a job."

Too bad my birthday isn't for seven months.

This is why graduating early is a blessing and a curse. I got out of high school a year early, but I'm too young to get hired anywhere that's not McDonald's or Publix or some other menial job where 90% of the employees are people I went to high school with. Working in an air conditioned clothing store where I get to dress cute and listen to good music all day would be ideal for me at this stage in my life, but unfortunately I'm too freaking little.

In other news, I had a doctor's appointment this morning, regarding my digestive health. I was diagnosed with IBS. Which is no fun. I now have to take milk of Magnesia every night, which, in case you don't know, is the most disgusting substance ever. On top of that, I have to go back on November 11th to see if they need to bump me up to a prescription medication and to have bloodwork done to make sure I don't have a thyroid problem. The doctor also informed me that I'll probably deal with IBS for the rest of my life.


Part of my treatment though, is walking for 30+ minutes every day, and I'm definitely a fan of that. The weather is so nice right now, and I'm happy for an excuse to enjoy it.

Oh, and I think I know the cure to my recent blog laziness.

I believe it's time for a blog makeover.

Meaning, possibly some layout/stylistic changes. I think my blog is currently a little drab... Time to spice it up a little, no?


  1. I'm loving your new blog layout fyi. <3

  2. I like the new layout as well, im sorry you have to take that nasty stuff but hopefully you will feel better cause you are taking it. i wish you the best. oh and p.s. you look really pretty in your new picture! <3

  3. I like the new layout :) And how did you finish high school early?

  4. i love your new layout!