Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amy Beleckas Appreciation Blog

So Amy Beleckas is my best friend.

Yesterday I met up with her and her mom at the mall to do some shopping. She got a plethora of new clothes (including a varsity style jacket that reminds us of Justin Bieber), and her mom got new air fresheners and such. I went in with no intention of buying anything, but walked out with a new yellow sweater (Hufflepuff pride!), new glasses (the kind with clear lenses), new tights and NEW MOCCASINS.

Don't tell my parents though. They're supposed to think I'm broke.

But it was so much fun, I love Amy's mom like she's my own. We went to the grocery store and to planet smoothie, and then went back to Amy's house, where we Facebook creeped and caught up on life. Then we went to movie theater at the ghetto Oviedo mall. It was my first time ever going there, and it was the most depressing, desolate mall I've ever been in. We saw "Easy A", which was easily one of the funniest movies I've ever watched. Like seriously, new favorite.

Me and Amy laughed harder than anyone else in the theater, and were generally "those people". We were the only ones who laughed at the "Twilight" joke. When we got back to her house we watched "Running With Scissors", which was fabulous but I fell asleep halfway through.

This morning we made cinnamon rolls and watched Supernatural and I took a nap on their couch and then I came home and now I wish I were still with her.

1 comment:

    I have an entire Hufflepuff Pride outfit :]
    I was going to buy a scarf for winter, like the official one, but it's £20 and I'm not rich enough for that.

    Also, your day sounded really fun :)
    And now I want cinnamon rolls D: