Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, the best night of my life, and several revelations.

Wow. I feel like all of my blogs lately have been in bullet point form. But my life has been so all over the place it's impossible to have it all down otherwise!

I guess I should go chronologically here.

This past week I've had three major revelations dealing with the romantic (?) interests in my life.

The first of which, involved Posh Spice and was already discussed in this blog entry.

Then, there was my revelation involving Michael Cera. In the aforementioned blog post, I was having doubts about Michael Cera and my ability to commit. I actually got around to telling him about these doubts, and breaking things off. At first it seemed like he took it well, but everyone in our mutual group of friends thinks of me as the Wicked Witch of the West now. Which is awesome. But honestly? It doesn't bother me because I know I did the right thing. So that's how that goes.

The third and final revelation, involved Vanilla Ice. I hung out with him on Sunday. We held hands during Harry Potter (which I was watching for the second time) and then hung out at his house afterward. Things got too... romantic? and reached their breaking point, which resulted in us having this big discussion about what exactly is going on between us. I confessed to him how I've had a crush on him for a really long time and have never known how to approach it or him because he's such an enigma and I was always so intimidated. He confessed to me that he like(d/s) me too, but things can't really go anywhere because of some of his own personal reasons, which I was able to fully understand because I'm in sort of the same boat. And we didn't really come to any conclusion or ultimatum or decide if we were going to be "just friends" or what, but we aired all of our dirty laundry and that felt extremely nice. I feel like I bridged this great big gap between the two of us, and all the things I couldn't talk about with him before, we can talk about now. It's really lovely.

Tuesday night, I got to see my favorite band of all time since middle school- Meg & Dia, play live at The Social. It was legitimately the best night of my life so far. Amy's dad got us on the guest list so we didn't have to pay. When we first got into the venue, we actually saw Meg and Dia Frampton in the back, near the merch tables doing signings and such. By the time we got there though, Meg had disappeared so it was just Dia. But she signed my iPod, told me I was cute and she liked my vest, and we had some random stranger take a photo of me and Amy with her, which you can see below. I look terrible and was unprepared, but I don't care- it's Dia Frampton.

After that, we headed back to the floor so we could secure our spot right up on the stage.

The first opener was a guy who went by the stage name "The Whale and the Wave". I highly recommend you go search for him because it was very adorable, heartfelt, acoustic stuff by an adorable boy. I appreciated him.

Then there was another solo act that went by "Solaseria". He's actually local, apparently, and I thought he was really good. His music reminded me of Middle Earth.

Then The Spring Standards played! If you have any sort of musical taste at all, you'll go look them up and buy all their songs right now- because they are wonderful. They're a three piece folksy act, made up of a ginger bearded man, a brunette bearded man, and a ginger woman. They all sing and play multiple instruments, and their music is fun and beautiful, and, in general everything I look for in a band.

Finally, it was Meg & Dia's turn. I squealed so much as they were up on the stage, getting ready for their set. Nick, the drummer, was adorable as always. Jonathan, the bassist, had a particularly fluffilicious beard. And of course the sisters looked gorgeous. Carlo, the second guitarist, was literally right in front of us. When he was bending down to plug in all of his stuff, his face was seriously inches from mine. And all of the sudden, he was like, "Hey, how are you doing?" And I told him I was doing great, and probably squealed. "Remix to Ignition" by Nelly was actually playing via the PA system at the time, so I took the moment to tell him that I liked Meg & Dia's version (which you can experience here) way better. He laughed, told me I was "fucking awesome" and gave me a high five. I thought I was going to die.

They played every song off of the new EP, a couple songs from Something Real and Here, Here and Here, and CARDIGAN WEATHER! They also covered Tom Petty's "American Girl" and Blind Melon's "No Rain". All of it was perfect, and when they played "The One" I cried.

In their song "Dreams Like Oceans" there is this brilliant drum break where they basically bring out all sort of drums and bang on them and it's wonderful and beautiful. Well, they preformed this, and in the middle of that drum part, Carlo comes over to where Amy and I are, and hands us each a drum stick. I died. It was all chipped and battered and beautiful from use- and he handed to us. It wasn't like he just flung it into the crowd for someone to catch. He GAVE THEM TO US. I seriously died.

Then at the end of their set he gave us his guitar pick.

Carlo Gimenez is my favorite person.

After the show was over, we made our way back over to the merch area. We saw Meg and Dia and Meg signed the other half of my iPod, and they commented on the Snow White sticker. I told them how she's my favorite princess and Dia was like, "Mine too!" and then she did the little singing thing that Snow White does, and I died. I told them how they'd been my favorite band since I was like, 13, and we had a big group hug with Meg and Dia and Amy and I and it was brilliant.

We then managed to find Carlo and give him a big hug and a thank you for everything. He was wonderful and nice. Nick and Jonathan were missing though, and that was sad.

We then saw that The Spring Standards were working the merch table, so we went over and were like "we came to inquire about the hugs!" and they literally dropped what they were doing, came out from behind the table, and hugged us. The ginger bearded man spun me around, and the brunette bearded man told me I was awesome. The ginger woman and I shared a moment because we were wearing the same skirt. She also told me she coveted my vest. It was a really lovely moment.

Afterwards, Amy and I got pizza from the second sketchiest pizza place in downtown Orlando, Planet Pizza, and cried all the way home. It was brilliant. The whole night was just absolutely perfect. I now have a small Meg & Dia shrine that is slowly growing on the shelf above my desk.

Today was Thanksgiving and I don't have much to say about it, other than that I hate Thanksgiving. I always feel so tired and full afterwards, my relatives are annoying, and my little sister throws a tantrum EVERY YEAR.

I did get to see Tangled though, and it was really, really good. I highly recommend it.


I went to the midnight premier of Deathly Hallows Part One, dressed up of course, and it was absolutely perfect. I laughed, I cried, and I made a vlog about it, which has yet to be edited. Like I really cannot stand the fact that I have to wait until July for the next one.

It's just really kind of heartbreaking for me, because I first read Sorcerer's Stone when I was only six or seven years old. That's ten years Harry's been in my life, and it was basically my entire childhood. I just hate that it's all ending. Really.

On the bright side, I reapplied for Harry Potter World yesterday, this time with good word from my friend Brittany, who works at the Three Broomsticks. So hopefully that works out. If I got a job at Harry Potter World, I would probably ditch college altogether and just retire as a wizard.


  1. That sounds like an amazing week and concert.
    Harry potter was brilliant
    + I am currently buying meg and dias albums, i listened to a few songs and fell in love :) thanks for the great recommendation

  2. oh my god. speechless. sounds wonderful!